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EDITOR'SNOTE 2014: A YEAR OF BIG CHANGE C hange is a good thing. At least it is in the automotive world. With every new model year the vehicles become more efficient, smoother, powerful and capable. When one style or particular offering is dropped, it seems another that's far better takes its place. Sometimes there's a technology gap, sometimes not. For example, when the Corvette Stingray ceased production in 1976, there were a lot of moans from 'Vette aficionados. An iconic symbol was lost forever. Low-and-behold, Chevy has brought it back in 2014, and it's a true beauty. Faster. Leaner. Stronger. Bolder. Smarter. Much the same has happened with ½-ton diesels. Before Y2K GM offered a Detroit diesel in all their ½-, ¾- 1-ton and full-size SUVs. The 6.2/6.5L had a cult-like following that winced when GM pulled the plug, leaving nothing but gas engines powering lightduty trucks and SUVs. That old V-8 diesel made a whopping 215hp in its last years of production. It was prone to over-heating and other issues and never set the world on fire for either its economy or performance. But it was still loved by a lot of GM truck owners. Well, as you know, the ½-ton diesel is back for 2014. But GM isn't leading the charge. It's Ram Truck. The first ½-ton diesel of this decade is a 240hp V-6 delivering great fuel economy and performance. (You can read our "First Drive" impressions in this issue.) Ram's EcoDiesel marks the beginning of a new era for work truck users, especially landscapers who don't need a heavy-duty pickup with a $9,000 diesel option for their towing needs. 4 PROPICKUP December 2013 There's also another player entering the ½-ton diesel engine market: Cummins. Cummins is partnering with Nissan with a 300hp V-8 so we could see a diesel-powered Titan probably in production by the end of 2014. We've covered its technical aspects on ProPickupMag.Com, but the story of how that partnership came to be in this issue should be an interesting read for both those in the Dodge Ram/Ram Truck camp as well as those who are Cummins fans. Nissan and Ram Trucks ½-ton diesels, the second generation of GM's EcoTech 5.3L/6.2L V-8s and 2014 pickups, and the upgrades Ford brings to the Power Stroke bode well for anyone who is in the market for a new pickup. I see 2014 as the Year of Big Change. Good change. If there ever were a time to think fresh and take that big step getting rid of the old wheels for a set of new ones that'll make you smile, this is it. These types of major technical advancements in the pickup world are a rarity, coming about once a decade. Speaking of big changes in 2014, this is the final printed issue of ProPickup magazine. Beginning in January, you'll find our pickup coverage in the pages Equipment World and Total Landscape Care and online at Bruce W. Smith, Editor /ProPickup-magazine @ProPickupMag Editorial Editorial Director: Marcia Gruver Doyle Editor: Bruce W. Smith Executive Editor: Tom Jackson Contributing Editors: Larry Walton; Steve Temple; Managing Editor: Amy Materson Design & Production Art Director: Richard Street Advertising Production Manager: Sheana Sexton Construction Media Senior VP, Construction Media: Dan Tidwell VP of Sales, Construction Media: Joe Donald Corporate Chairman/CEO: Mike Reilly President: Brent Reilly Chief Process Officer: Shane Elmore Chief Administration Officer: David Wright Senior Vice President, Sales: Scott Miller Senior Vice President, Editorial and Research: Linda Longton Vice President of Events: Alan Sims Vice President, Audience Development: Stacy McCants Vice President, Digital Services: Nick Reid Director of Marketing: Julie Arsenault 3200 Rice Mine Rd NE Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 800-633-5953 ProPickup is a registered trademark of Randall-Reilly Publishing Company, LLC., 3200 Rice Mine Road N.E., Tuscaloosa, AL 35406. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Copyright © 2013 Randall-Reilly Publishing Company, LLC.

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