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By Harriet Lembeck FYI, and For Sale If Permitted N ew books this year can sharpen your sales vocabulary, and increase your interaction with your customers. Food and wine pairing is still important, but flavor is the new hot button. Reference The A-Z of French Food: A Descriptive Bilingual Dictionary, Geneviève de Temmerman and Didier Chedorge, Editions Scribo, $30, 142 pages, 4,000 entries, pocket-size paperback Have an interpreter in your pocket! Any French dish described by a customer will be defined here, so you can help with the pairings quickly. Also, wine words are marked with **, and French phrases and idioms have ***. Reading through the gastronomic terms will inspire your conversations. Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle, Véronique Van Acker-Beittel, Flemish Lion LLC, $14.99, 143 pages, paperback Learn more about this new/old spirit than you ever imagined. Starting with the 13th C. to 2008 - when Genever got its own AOC, now reserved for Belgium, Netherlands, and parts of France and Germany - you'll understand why it's no longer "Dutch Gin." This amazing little guide, packed with facts, photos and stories is a great informative read. Flavor Studies The Cocktail Lab: Unveiling the Mysteries of Flavor and Aroma in Drink, with Recipes, Tony Conigliaro, 10 Speed Press, $29.99, 224 pages, hard cover This is one of the most creative cocktail books you Harriet Lembeck, CWE*, CSS** is a prominent wine and spirits educator. She is president of the renowned Wine & Spirits Program, and revised and updated the textbook Grossman's Guide to Wines, Beers and Spirits. She was the Director of the Wine Department for The New School University for 18 years. (*Certified Wine Educator, **Certified Specialist of Spirits) will ever see. Tony Conigliaro covers cocktails that are savory, sweet, perfume-inspired, and/or covered with foams – the latter inspired by the Spanish chef Ferran Adrià, creating "drinks through the lens of a chef rather than a bartender." Full instructions are here. Describe a couple of infusions to your customers and then sell them good vodkas for the base. Why You Like the Wines You Like – Changing the way the world thinks about wine, Tim Hanni MW, HanniCo LLC, $25, 238 pages, large format paperback; Kindle edition $19.99 Tim Hanni MW tells it like it is, not how people think it should be told. He gives good analogies, debunking "common wisdom." He has divided wine drinkers into four consumer groups: Sweet, Hyper-Sensitive, Sensitive (how you perceive tastes and flavors) and Tolerant. Hanni tells you how to sell to each group. Note to retailers: learn your own "vino-type," determining your own wine preferences, and watch your sales soar. Places Inside the California Food Revolution: Thirty Years that Changed our Culinary Consciousness, Joyce Goldstein with Dore Brown, University of California Press, $34.95, 320 pages, hard cover Here's the story of California cuisine as told by Joyce Goldstein, proprietor of Square One restaurant in San Francisco. A chapter on wines tells that thirty years ago, no great California restaurant would serve California wines! Goldstein's son Evan, a Master Sommelier, among other wine professionals, eventually tied California wines to its cuisine. 21 Wines, Victor Rallo Jr. and Anthony Verdoni, Pediment Publishing, $45, 223 pages, large format hard cover Here is a gorgeously photographed book on the most memorable Italian wines noted from Victor Rallo Jr., star of the "Eat! Drink! Italy" series on public television, and those of Anthony "Tony" Verdoni, who handles the wine commentary. With thousands of wines produced in Italy's 93 regions, they manage to select 21 wines from 10 different regions. 8 • Beverage Dynamics • • November/December 2013

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