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Editor’s Note Accredited Land Consultants aren't just real estate people. They’re land people. Accredited Land Consultants use their in-depth understanding of land transactions to create solutions, add value, and build wealth for their clients. So when you're buying or selling land, contact an Accredited Land Consultant. Because ALCs aren't just real estate people. They're land people. The REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI) is a membership organization serving the extraordinary real estate specialists who broker, lease, sell, develop, and manage land assets. The RLI organization awards theAccredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation to only those land expertswhoachievethehighestlevelsof knowledge, performance, and professionalism. Gotowww.rliland.comtolocatean Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) near you. REALTORS® LAND INSTITUTE 430 NorthMichigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 1-800-441-LAND showtime – it’s the only way to go. That’s the way I feel about this magazine. Our mission is to show you the places no one else gets to go. So much of A what we present is drawn directly from America’s leading landowners, like Nancy Myers’s back-page profile of Gerald Lyda. Trey Lyda’s photo is true grit, not some Coca-Cola cowboy’s grip and grin, and Dee Lyda’s comments about his parents’ legacy sum up what The Land Report stands for. Or how about our exclusive excerpt from Under One Fence. About a year and a half ago, I first got wind of the fact that two of our field staffers, Wyman Meinzer and Henry Chappell, were collaborating on a book about the largest ranch behind a single fence in these United States. My initial reaction was, “Man, I’ve got to get on the Waggoner!” My second was, “Man, I’ve got to get our readers on the Waggoner!” Some 18 months later, this massive project is a done deal. The book is a masterpiece, and I encourage you to get your hands on a copy at the Waggoner Ranch Store: A final eye-opener is our first-ever survey of the country’s leading land brokerages. Hats off to Articles Editor Katy Richardson, who spent months tracking down and interviewing these professionals. As you read through them, I hope you take away as many insights as I have. I am especially proud that Jim Taylor saw fit to break the news about Hall and Hall Auctions in the pages of this magazine. Jim and his partners recognize that investment quality rural land is an underserved asset class, one with a great story to tell. I couldn’t have said it better myself. s every concertgoer knows, there’s no hotter ticket than an All Access Pass. Going backstage before the show, watching the roadies set up, listening in as the crowd arrives, and then counting down till WYMAN MEINZER All Access Pass If you love land as much as we do, have we got a show for you. E r i c O’ K e e f e 6 TheLandReport | WINTER 2010 LANDREPORT.COM

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