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SURVEYOR 1 Sweepstakes Build PART IV Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of articles on the outfitting of the Surveyor 1 sweepstakes truck. For previous articles in this series, go to hardworkingtrucks. com. Entries are still being accepted for a chance to win this fully outfitted truck. Go to hardworkingtrucks. com to submit your entry. I pro pickup | by Bruce W. Smith TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS A.R.E. bed cap and custom surveyor cargo storage system protect valuable equipment and set the stage for serious work in the field f there's one thing land surveyors have more of in their pickups than any other trade within the heavy equipment/dirt-moving business world, it's the variety of stuff they carry to a jobsite. But unlike your typical contractor's tools, professional surveying equipment is sophisticated, expensive and delicate. It needs to be treated with care and protected like a professional photographer treats his camera equipment. There's also a lot of it; tripods and bipods, theodolites to transits, survey stations and GPS data collectors to levels, prism poles and planimeters. Then there are the shovels, stakes, sledge hammers, brush axes, twine, roll flagging, grade stakes, nails, safety vests, boots, and a number of other tools and gear that don't require any special care. Each item has its purpose and each has a place within the surveyor's truck. The challenge is fitting all those tools and equipment in an orderly manner in a pickup bed; a nearly impossible task unless there's a special storage system to accommodate the wide variety of shapes and sizes. Those tools and equipment also need to be protected and secure: It's not uncommon for a modern survey crew to have $20,000 in just electronic mapping equipment for a two-man team. Bring along a second crew for a larger job and protecting the valuables in the bed from the bad elements (human and Mother Nature) become a major concern. | January 2014 33

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