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on record | by Marcia Gruver Doyle Technology trends remain steady W hile our 2014 Internet Use and year's 40 percent. Social Media Survey does not One thing that has increased – albeit slightly – is show the dramatic contrasts that the amount of time our respondents spent on their our 2013 survey did, there are phones visiting websites, with 38 percent saying still bits of intriguing data in its they spend on average one to four hours a week numbers, especially when you look at the trend in this activity, compared with 35 percent last year. picture with three consecutive surveys on this Tablet use has grown, moving from 2 percent in subject. 2011 to 10 percent now, but is still a distant third Much has stayed the same from last year's to desktop (51 percent) and laptop (32 percent) survey. There's still roughly a 50/50 split between computers. those using smartphones and those who don't, Social media use is edging up, moving from 36 which has remained percent in 2011 to 42 perconsistent over all three cent in 2014. Facebook What type of information do you surveys. And the level is still the king, with 88 view on Facebook? 2011 2013 2014 of respondents using percent of those who visit their smartphones to social media sites reportFamily and friends 78 88 88 email, text, visit webing they go on Facebook. Personal interest 33 38 69 sites, watch videos and Keeping up with friends visit social media all and family is still number Work/company related 30 56 59 track within 3 perNote: This survey is based on 312 mailed and emailed responses. one, but those saying centage points plus they're also looking at or minus of what was personal interest pages reported last year. and posts rose from 38 percent in 2013 to 69 perThe one standout is how many of our responcent this year. dents say they are using apps on their phones, up One tiny social media surprise: although the 11 percent from last year, and 28 percent from our amount of those saying they visit Twitter is still a 2011 survey. small 17 percent, respondents who say they visit Curiously, with smartphone adoption remainTwitter daily rose from 19 percent last year to 58 ing the same, the number of respondents saying percent in the current survey. they're getting specific types of information on Some results reflect the market at large, such as their smartphone dropped, especially in comparithe decline of Blackberry phones. In 2011, 28 person with last year's survey. Those getting bid incent of our respondents said they used Blackberry; formation, for example, dropped from 52 percent today, it's 7 percent. The reverse has happened in 2013 to 36 percent in this year's survey. Other with iPhones; now 51 percent of respondents are drops included general equipment information, 42 using them, compared to 24 percent in our first percent, down from 61 percent the year before; survey. Android use has seen more moderate and equipment specs, 30 percent compared to last growth, from 29 percent to 37 percent. EW | January 2014 9

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