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FEBRUARY 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 25 TREATING YOUR ENTIRE BODY, NOT JUST YOUR SMILE! At Oak Park Dental, we believe that healthy teeth are just one part of a healthy woman, and that a strong personal relationship built between provider and patient should be the cornerstone of all health care. When you look good, you feel great—and better health and happiness starts with your smile! Hundreds of women suffer from debilitating headaches, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and ringing in their ears—and don't know that their dentist could help! Dr. Jana Gyurina has focused training in temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and is able to diagnose, treat and bring much needed relief to TMJ sufferers. Dr. Gyurina, along with Dr. Megan Steiner, also offer a full range of cosmetic dental options; not just veneers, but gum contouring, whitening, Invisalign and Six Month Smiles to give you the smile you've always wanted. Don't let another day go by without letting the real you shine through! 6601 Mineral Point Rd., Madison (608) 234-5104 DR. JANA GYURINA, LVIF AND DR. MEGAN STEINER WOMEN'S HEALTH PROFESSIONAL PROFILES | Special Advertising Section IT'S YOUR FACE. BE SELECTIVE. If you want to look your best, begin by choosing a surgeon who can provide the quality of care that comes from dedicating their practice to the MHJL>P[OTVYL[OHU`LHYZVML_WLYPLUJLPU[OLÄLSKVMMHJPHSJVZTL[PJ Z\YNLY`+Y9PJOHYK7HYÄ[[RUV^ZOV^PTWVY[HU[MHJPHSHWWLHYHUJLPZ[V one's quality of life, and has a deep respect for the trust people place in him to do what's best for their one-and-only face. +Y7HYÄ[[JH\[PVUZ[OH[[OLYLPZHNYLH[KLHSVMO`WLZ\YYV\UKPUNUL^ cosmetic products and services, maintaining that his clinics will never offer a new product or service until he and his highly experienced staff are certain of its safety and ability to produce highly satisfactory results consistently. When considering cosmetic surgery, the best way to evaluate that a cosmetic surgeon gets consistently excellent results is to critically evaluate multiple surgeons' before-and-after photographs. 2261 Deming Way, Middleton (608) 831-3991 DR. RICHARD C. PARFITT, FACIAL COSMETIC SURGEON

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