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32 BRAVA MAGAZINE | FEBRUARY 2014 RED SQUARE FLOWERS OLD-WORLD BLOOMS In most of Europe, it's tradition to bring ǢOWERSWHENVISITINGFRIENDSˬNDFˬMILY even if it's not a special occasion. It's a practice Alina Poletskova, a Russian na- tive and owner of Fitchburg's new Red Square Flowers, didn't want to leave be- hind. "We have to prioritize the people around us," she says. With the detailed approach she learned WHILESTUDYINGǢORˬLDESIGNIN)OLLˬND Poletskova creates bright bouquets that EMˬNˬTE &UROPEˬN ELEGˬNCE ŀ E SHOP also stocks handmade gifts from all over the globe, including vases from Portugal, sunhats from Madagascar and wool scarves from Russia. For forgetful souls, Red Square Flowers offers a foolproof solution: Predetermine a list of important occasions throughout THEYEˬRˬNDǢOWERSWILLˬUTOMˬTICˬLLY arrive on that special someone's doorstep. With Valentine's Day around the corner, Red Square Flowers is ready to deliver— from Russia with love. –Cathy Martin 5500 E. Cheryl Pkwy., Fitchburg. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SHANNA WOLF THRIVE RETAIL THERAPY

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