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February 2014

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ProPickup F E B R U A R Y 2 014 To t a l L a n d s c a p e C a r e . c o m 3 5 L ike most work trucks, Surveyor 1 started off as a base-model Ram Truck 2500 SLT diesel crew cab 4x4. The factory upgrades were minimal to keep purchase costs minimized while affording the occupants the comfort and fea- tures that would maximize their work effi ciency. That meant a custom naviga- tion system and reverse camera – two items we wanted Sur- veyor 1 to have as a matter of increased safety and effi ciency in the fi eld. Back-up safety A back-up (aka reverse) camera or audible warning system is essential in this truck's setup because the surveyor cargo management system and bed- cap combo blocks the driver's view of what's behind the truck. So we turned to a product from Escort: The SmartMirror2, which is a rearview mirror with built-in GPS, hands-free cellular and rearview camera system that replaces the OEM mirror. It takes a few hours to install, but when done, the SmartMirror2 provides a lot of electronic bang for the buck. The installation requires re- moving the stock mirror, running the SmartMirror2 wiring harness above the headliner and down the "A"-pillar where it then runs back along the frame rails to the rear of the truck to the camera. Camera power is via the reverse lights; when they come on, so does the camera. One twist in our custom installation was adding the dime-sized camera centered in the tailgate below the Ram's For the Surveyor 1 Truck Sweepstakes, the ProPickup editors transformed a 2013 Ram 2500HD 4x4 Crew Cab truck into an even more versatile, powerful tool for the jobsite. One con- tractor will win this truck after the build is complete. Finishing Touches Adding custom graphics, GPS navigation, rearview camera and helper springs ready our Ram 2500HD for the road BY BRUCE W. SMITH

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