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February 15

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Page 24 of 39 GOOD FRUIT GROWER FEBRUARY 15, 2014 25 spots and other sites affected by colder temperatures and fog. The organism can grow and sporulate in cold conditions—temperatures in low 40s—so it is active prior to bloom and then infects flowers, spurs, and shoots, resulting in shoot dieback as well as dead flowers. Last year, the affected orchards had very warm temperatures leading up to bloom, then very cold conditions from white bud through bloom, Sundin said. Spurs Both American and European brown rots attack the flowers, but the European brown rot fungus moves through flow- ers into spurs. That is a key difference between the two, he said. "In 2014, Indar (fenbuconazole) will be the fungicide of choice in affected orchards," Sundin said. He recommends a rate of six fluid ounces per acre and two applications, at white bud and seven days later. Testing of European brown rot iso- lates for fungicide sensitivity began last fall. Sundin will test Topsin M (thio- phanate-methyl), Topsin M plus captan, captan alone, and possibly Vanguard (cyprodinil) for European brown rot control next year in Balaton cherries and hopes to know by spring what growers can use. For now, they are being advised to prune, remove, and burn dead shoots that were infected last year because these will be the source of inoculum for this year. "It doesn't take a ton of overwinter- ing sites to cause infection next year," he told growers during the tart cherry edu- cational session at the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, and Farm Market Expo in December. • Introducing Madex HP for control of codling moth and oriental fruit moth larvae. Now you have a selection of highly eff ective granuloviruses. So potent they can be used at ultra-low rates for cost-eff ective control. Ideal for managing insecticide resistance and residues. Four-hour reentry interval (REI) and zero plant harvest interval (PHI). OMRI ® Listed and NOP Approved. Double Trouble for Codling and Oriental Fruit Moths. CYD-X ® HP and ma - dex ® hp The most potent codling moth and oriental fruit moth viruses...ever. © 2014 Certis USA £nääÓxäxäÓ{ÊUÊ ] [ PHOTO COURTESY OF GEORGE SUNDIN George Sundin This tree is seriously infected by European brown rot.

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