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February 15

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Page 34 of 39 GOOD FRUIT GROWER FEBRUARY 15, 2014 35 GOOD DEALS… products and services for progressive growers GOOD DEALS… products and services for progressive growers INSURANCE 800-439-7533 Crop & Farm Insurance MANUFACTURED HOUSING ATTENTION FARMERS: NEED WORKER HOUSING? " %&%% Columbia Homes %$!#&$#"%&&!$!%& %%#$&$&#$!&#"#$ $# "#%#&"&! Helping the area's farmers for over 15 years! " $&" % 1-877.446.0917 1-877.856.4663 QUIZ ANSWERS EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Check us out at Contact: Chet Miller - or Dennis Courtier - 651-345-2305 or 1-800-652-3779 Pepin Heights Orchards, Inc. 1753 So. Hwy 61 r Lake City, MN 55041 HELP WANTED IN MINNESOTA HELP WANTED IN MINNESOTA Are you a HIGH-ENERGY HORTICULTURIST looking for a new opportunity? Minnesota's largest apple producer needs an orchard operations manager to help develop and implement our culture care and harvest programs. The ideal applicant has: This is a salaried, year-around position with benefits. r formal education in pomology or related field r hands-on experience with labor management r well developed bilingual communication skills r a can do attitude and a sense of humor Pepin Heights is a vertically integrated grower, packer, shipper and processor located along the bluffs of the beautiful Mississippi River in Southeastern Minnesota. Crocker's Fish Oil Crocker's Fish Oil 1-800-700-4983 $SPDLFST'JTI0JM*ODr10#PYr2VJODZ8" r$FSUJñFE0SHBOJD r3JDIJO/VUSJFOUT r/PO1IZUPUPYJD Leading growers use Crocker 's in their Orchards. Leading growers use Crocker 's in their Orchards. Crocker's Fish Oil, a superior Sticker/Spreader, is a proven Blossom Thinner. Time tested by successful conventional and organic growers alike. Time tested by successful conventional and organic growers alike. Multi-Use Blossom Thinner • Effective chemical-free thinning • Better fruit size and quality • Fits any handheld half-inch drill • Great for thinning peach, cherry and nectarine trees • Made in USA PHIL MILLER 231-723-2646 • 231-631-9149 (Cell) The solution is a Cinch! Get yours today! NEW! MISCELLANEOUS ORCHARD LADDER REPAIR We Pick Up and Deliver Serving All Eastern Washington Since 1980 • Tallman Authorized Factory Service Center • 509-669-1259 or 669-2822 We Repair All Brands of Aluminum Ladders ORCHARD SUPPLIES For your FREE estimate call 509-699-8536 SAFETY POINT • Stabilizing, non-slip point can reduce ladder accidents • Reduce L & I costs • On-site installation Get started with your Good Fruit Grower magazine subscription. Subscribe today! 800-487-9946 The current Good Fruit Grower magazine is available online as a PDF fl ipbook. HONEYCRISP DISORDERS THE GOOD, THE BAD, and the ugly from page 15 1. a 2. c 3. b 4. d 5. d 6. c 7. b 8. a (early symptom) 9. b and c 10. c GOOD FRUIT GROWER shares the latest news on Twitter and Facebook! • Follow us @good fruitgrower • Like us at goodfruitgrower

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