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HighwayContractor 24 February 2014 Better Roads the software will speed up the AC pump to enter more virgin asphalt. "So that way, we always keep our AC binder as close to accurate as possible," Neel says. "The other nice thing about the fi ne grind shingles is that you get a more homogeneous mix." The other Ideker asphalt plant is equipped with a weigh depletion RAS bin designed and sold by Hi-Tech Solutions, Inc. That bin has a different design than the Astec bin, but the result is the same. The plant treats the RAS as the primary source of asphalt cement and adds virgin binder as needed in real time. Ideker enters the fi nely ground RAS into a chute between the drying drum and the mixing drum. "That way, your oil prod- ucts are not exposed to any burner, but since they're ground up fi ne enough, the heat of the virgin aggregates helps melt that fi ne shingle, and they get mixed in the mixing drum," Neel says. Currently, the Missouri Department of Transportation only allows shingles in mixes that require PG 64-22 binder., Wilson says "But we're looking to the future, the way the economy is going, and DOTs are looking for ways to save money," he says. "What's MoDOT going to do in two, three or four years. Are they going to allow shingles into more Superpave mixes with different binders? And if so, as QC manager, the biggest thing I'm concerned with is making consistent mixes. "If your weigh belts are jumping up and down, your mix is not going to be consistent, and that is the worst thing that can happen, in my opinion. "So I'm just looking for a plant that runs consistent and true and that way, I can run tests and make small changes to the mix and get it exactly where I want to," Wilson says. Ideker uses a dual-drum asphalt plant and enters the shingles through a chute between the drying drum and the mixing drum. The best plan for a stronger foundation... Encourage Excellence! Visit to see our full line of awards and recognition products or call for a quote 1.800.633.2021. CUSTOM AWARDS FOR: ;INM\a 1VVW^I\QWV AMIZ[WN;MZ^QKM 4MILMZ[PQX )VL[WU]KPUWZM Let us help you recognize your workforce! 7H[W,1)2WRRUYLVLWZZZEHWWHUURDGVFRPLQIR

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