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February 2014

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Marketplace Better Roads February 2014 33 7H[W,1)2WRRUYLVLWZZZEHWWHUURDGVFRPLQIR 888-302-1022 GRADER-SPREADER Super "C" with bolster wheels improves fine grading capability s 6ERY EFFECTIVE STONE SPREADER s )NDEPENDENT ADJUSTMENT TO EACH SIDE CONTROLS DEPTH OF CUT s 3IDE PANELS ELIMINATE WINDROWS s $UAL ANGLED BLADE PREVENT WASHBOARDS s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±*OHQQ2+DZEDNHU +DUG'ULYHV&RQVW $VSKDOW0DLQW&R±$7 7$XVWLQ%ULGJH 5RDG %DUURQ&RXQW\%ODFNWRS6HUYLFHV %RQQHYLOOH3RZHU$GP&KULVS&R±&LWLHVDOODURXQGWKHZRUOG $&KLSVHDO±$MD[3DYLQJ$ODVND'27 $OEXTXHUTXH$VSKDOW±$OH[3DULV $PHULFDQ$VSKDOW $3$& 0RGHOVWR FKRRVHIURP Buildings available up to 300' wide. Low in cost per square foot. Natural daytime lighting. Easy to relocate. Expandable. Sustainable Design-Build Solutions Call one of our ClearSpan specialists at 1.866.643.1010 or visit us at fabric structures BetterRoadsMagazine @BetterRoads BetterRoads Better Roads Magazine May Photo - A Cat RD4 crawler and No. 22 pull grader at work. Weighing 3,575 pounds and wielding am eight-foot blade, the No. 22 was produced from 1936 through 1942, the year that Cat discontinued all pull graders. (Caterpillar, Inc. image, HCEA Archives) Featuring 12 full page black & white photographs carefully scanned and restored from rare originals depicting construction equipment from all eras! !e only calendar of this type offered! Dealers! Contractors! Distributors! See the following page for info about ordering customized imprints! Order your 2014 HCEA Calendar today! Order online at or order by phone at 419-352-5616 with your Visa, Discover, or MasterCard, or fill out the form below. The 2014 HCEA Calendars are available! 2014 HCEA Calendar Order Form (with HCEA imprint) Please send _____ copy(s) of the 2014 HCEA Calendar @ $10.00 each. $_________ Total Calendar Cost $_________ 6.5% Sales Tax (Ohio residents only) $_________ Total Enclosed (shipping and handling is included) Ship To: Contact: Daytime Phone: Address: City/State/Zip: County (Ohio only): Send this form, along with check or money order (U.S. funds only), to: HCEA 16623 Liberty Hi Road Bowling Green, OH 43402 or order online at!

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