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The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT New Product Spotlight: Truck Accessories The latest offerings in truck equipment and accessories CIVACON’S ROMLINK™ — THE INDUSTRY’S ONLY “PLUG & LOAD” OVERFILL DETECTION WIRING SYSTEM TXD1230, respectively). Although most parts and options remain common to the current TXD pumps,some basic changes have been made to the TXD1200 Series pumps to optimize performance and provide a longer service life. TXD1200 Series pumps are designed to perform at maximum pump speeds of 1200 rpm for the TXD1225 and TXD1220 pumps,and 900 rpm for the TXD1230 pump. Blackmer – www.blackmer.com LEVEL REWIND ASSEMBLY Civacon has developed the ROMLink™ “Plug-N-Load”Overfill Detection Wiring System that is designed to replace the timely and costly rewiring of traditional overfill-detection electronics.Overfill- detection systems are crucial requirements at any loading rack during tank truck loading.Faulty wiring on tank truck overfill equipment caused by corrosion or other damage could cause overfill devices to malfunction.The unique ROMLink™ wiring harness design results in reduced maintenance time, reduced troubleshooting time and reduced truck out-of-service time, and correspondingly, increased customer satisfaction.By using a ROMLink™ when replac- ing an overfill detection wiring system, tank truck owners can typically reduce the downtime from three to five hours to around 30 minutes.While older systems need to daisy-chain wiring con- nections,with the ROMLink™ system you just “plug & load.” Civacon – www.civacon.com. BLACKMER® TXD1200 SERIES PUMPS Blackmer’s TXD1200 Series high-speed truck pumps were developed to adapt to specific changes in the light petroleum products markets such as OEM installers finding it more difficult to match automatic transmission models with available PTO ratios and current pump speeds. The TXD1200 Series from Blackmer is ideal for pumping light petro- leum products (diesel, heating oil, gasoline,kerosene,avgas, various biofuels,such as biodiesel and ethanol) and are available in port sizes of 2”, 2.5” and 3” (model numbers TXD1220, TXD1225 and 14 MARCH 2011 | FUEL OIL NEWS | www.fueloilnews.com This can be installed on most electric, air or hydraulic driven reels. This level rewind assembly - incorporates a four way roller guide mounted on the ball reverser actuator to provide automatic action to feed hose or cable onto reel. The Level rewind assembly is available in different sizes-please consult factory. Unique Welding & Fabricating www.uniqueweldingfabricating.com LECTRO-TRUCK’S ATW WHEELS Using improper methods and accessories while moving heavy drums,boilers, fur- naces, and tanks, can damage a client’s threshold; not to mention the possibil- ity of scratching wood flooring or ripping and tearing their vinyl flooring.Because you are liable for any type of damages, you could end up paying more in repair expenses than the actual cost of your delivery! Our all-terrain wheels (ATW’s) have a sturdy steel frame and two 15”x 6”pneumatic, 4-ply, rubber tires. The ATW’s give you the confidence to effortlessly balance and roll your heavy load across your client’s threshold, flooring, expensive sod lawn, gravel, sand, and construction sites.No tools are needed to quickly attach these ATW wheels to the back side of your LECTRO- TRUCK.Made in the U.S.A in Oostburg,WI, this great accessory has been manufactured at our facility since 1989. Lectro-Truck – www.lectrotruck.com.

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