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Tools&Equipment | Products Toro Reelmaster 5210 The Toro Reelmaster 5210 features Dual Precision Adjustment cutting units to deliver an exceptional quality of cut and aftercut appearance. Powered by a 28-hp, 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, this unit offers a nimble and maneuverable de- sign for mowing in a wide range of conditions. The Reelmaster 5210 is lightweight and productive with a 100-inch width of cut. It is available in standard 2 wheel drive or add on the CrossTrax® all-wheel drive system. ESP-LXD two-wire decoder controller The ESP-LXD Controller interfaces to a two-wire path for decoder-based irrigation. Easily expandable from 50-200 zones, the ESP-LXD offers flexible features and modular options that make it ideal for a wide variety of applications, in- cluding athletic complexes. The controller’s two-wire functionality makes it simple to install and expand as a site grows. Simply branch off the two-wire feed, add and program decoders into the controller and let the system do the rest of the work. Extra Simple Programming allows water to be delivered based upon climate, plant needs and location. Rollers and Locke reels from Stens Stens’ collection of Locke reels is manufactured from steel that is specially formed and rolled to fit the industry’s speci- fications and standards. The outstanding strength of Locke reels is a result of steps in the manufacturing process, such as heat treatment, quenching, forging, and tempering. Independent tests have proven the reels’ ability to withstand tensile strengths in excess of 120 tons PSI. Front and rear rollers in grooved and smooth styles are also available through Stens. With an ever expanding selection, Stens rollers are manufactured to OEM specifications and feature OEM quality stan- dards. Stens offers rollers that fit John Deere, Toro and Jacobsen fairway and greens mower style cutting units. Tourney fungicide Tourney fungicide provides turf professionals with a versatile and effective tool in the fight against tough diseases. Tough on a broad spectrum of diseases, including brown ring (Waitea) patch fairy ring, gray leaf spot, necrotic ring spot, summer patch, snow mold, take-all patch and others. Proven to provide control of the “Big 3” turf diseases: an- thracnose, brown patch and dollar spot. Effective in early season, spring and fall, providing flexibility and value for budget-conscious turf professionals. Applied at low use rates, meaning less stress on turf and less environmental load. 44 SportsTurf | March 2011

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