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46 BRAVA MAGAZINE | MARCH 2014 Inspiration—it's what you need to get excited about a home remodeling project, and to end up with the beautiful space you've dreamed about. Whether it's your favorite place in nature, a color or material you love, or even a bunch of photos from Houzz and Pinterest, you can mix your muse with the hottest trends in the industry for an original look—especially with a little help from local interior designers, who OH]L[OLPYÄUNLYZVU[OLW\SZLVM^OH[»ZUL^ and can help you implement and personalize your inspirations. COLOR YOUR LOOK No one likes spending time in a bland space. That's why color contrast is so important when it comes to home remodeling. Combining whites or creams with deep grays or rich browns in your cabinetry and countertops ensures your space will be anything but dull. Having that neutral base is a great foundation to work with according to Kelly Lehr, co-owner of Nonn's Design Showplace. This year's neutral? "We call it the new grayge," says Lehr, who is seeing new stain colors that play off gray as the "it" neutral for cabinetry. "It's very timeless," she says, especially when paired with clean lines to create highly functional and malleable spaces. THE "IN" IN INSPIRATION KITCHEN AND BATH TRENDS MEET PERSONAL VISION. BY CATHY MARTIN "You can add the pops of color with paint or accessories, and if you get sick of those things it's easy to change out," says Kelly Lehr, co-owner of Nonn's Design Showplace. )\PSKV\[`V\YÅVVYPUNJHIPUL[ZVYJV\U[LY[VWZ in a great neutral and, from there, Lehr says you can add colorful accessories or an ornate backsplash—which can be made with mosaic glass tiles, natural stone, and even touches of metal—that will draw attention and bring individuality to the room. Bathrooms are often a place to bring in fun pops of bright colors. "People are going out on a limb a little bit more [in bathrooms]." She says choosing among granites with lots of movement, quartzes that look like marble, and large tiling for your countertops and showers can help personalize the room. "You can add the pops of color with paint or accessories, and if you get sick of those things it's easy to change out," she says of how to create design schemes that are anything but dreary. FABULOUS FLOORING For many people embarking on a room YLTVKLSÅVVYPUNJVTLZHZHUHM[LY[OV\NO[· but it shouldn't. Floors can serve as the foundation for an entire room, and with today's innovative new products, you can easily add `V\YV^UÅH]VY[V[OLMHKZ 9\Z[PJOHYK^VVKÅVVYZJHUJVTWSLTLU[ contemporary kitchens in surprising ways. Depending on your cabinetry, countertops HUKHJJLZZVYPLZKPZ[YLZZLKÅVVYPUNJHUL]VRL country homes or urban industrial lofts. "You would think it [wouldn't go together], but it goes! It goes really well," says Julie Schultz, retail sales manager at FLOOR360. "Not everything is shiny and new. It's more of an eclectic look." One way manufacturers achieve the reclaimed appearance is by smoking rather than staining the wood. This technique changes the wood's tone, adding a light white lining to an oak Special Advertising Section PHOTO COURTESY OF NONN'S DESIGN SHOWPLACE

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