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FEEDBACK “WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TRUCKSTOP, AND WHY?” “I like Love’s, because our company has a lot of points and fuels there. They have killer coffee.” — Tony Partin, Raleigh, N.C., company driver for Super Service “The Petro in Kolby, Kan., on Interstate 70 has top of the line showers. You can flip the showerheads up to the ceiling to make the water feel like a waterfall.” — Windle Donald, Lawmakers Know Nothing of Industry irst, what makes the hours-of- service subject so irritating is that next to nothing is being done to educate four-wheelers about driv- ing around big trucks, and they are overwhelmingly the cause of most car-truck accidents. F Second, it is so obvious from the proposals that these people have lit- tle to no knowledge of the trucking industry. They don’t know! Right from the beginning when logbooks started they had only two categories — local (driving in a 165-mile range 10 TRUCKERS NEWS MAY 2011 from the terminal) and the rest of us. This is nonsense. For example, the rationale given for 14 hours on and 10 off was circadian rhythms. Talk to me about circadian rhythms when I drive through three time zones! They don’t know! Of course, one of the big problems with the current rules is that inflexible 14-hour window. If I’m tired, but due to various circumstances I need to drive, say, two more hours but my 14-hour window will close in two hours, I have to keep driving! Athens, Ala., company driver for RTR Transportation “The TA truckstops in every state are pretty awesome. They’re clean and they have excellent service. More important than anything else, they have game and TV rooms for when I have some time to kill.” — Erasmo Garza, Joya, Texas, company driver for Logicorp Enterprise “The Walcott truck- stop on I-80 is huge, clean and has every- thing I need.” — Ricardo Alcazar, Houston, Texas, owner-operator for Logistics Express

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