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MAY 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 15 ARTS PREVIEW May is flowering with arts of all colors! Spring Gallery Night opens May 2. Plan your gal- lery night itinerary to check out top Madison designers at "Night Light Madrunway Spring Fashion Show" at the Madison Central Library. If Gershwin is your style, you can hear the Madison Symphony Orchestra's tribute to the legacy of this important American composer, May 2-4. Overture Center for the Arts, Madison. Don't forget about the rich campus arts scene. After the excitement of April's Wisconsin Film Festival, it's hard for some of us to sate our cinema jones. The Marquee at Union South is a wonderful place to watch a movie with a glass of wine in a state-of-the-art venue. Many screenings are free and feature great post-fi lm discussions. On May 9 at 7 p.m., NAMI-UW screens and discusses "Call Me Crazy," the acclaimed, de-stigmatizing fi lm about living with mental illness. The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, right across from Union South, hosts a plethora of arts and culture programs for all ages. May 8-11 take in Li Chiao Ping Dance perform- ing "Rise Over Run," which features so-called off -the-wall dances in which dancers use the building's interior architecture to support their performances. The UW's Tandem Press is now open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Founded in 1987, Tandem is one of only three professional presses in the country affi liated with a university. Its location at 1741 Commercial Ave. is worth a visit to explore the latest fi ne art prints by masters like Jim Dine and Judy Pfaff . In a couple of years you'll be able to visit its new $6 million campus location and say "I knew them when…" –Karin Wolf, program administrator for the Madison Arts Commission. For more events, see GO+DO p. 66. SPOTLIGHT Calling all book lovers! We're thrilled to announce the introduction of our own BOOKCLUBˬNDEVENTSERIES#3"7"4ˬLON Already in a book club? Add our BRAVA Salon book picks (all written by local authors) to your reading list and come to our events where you can meet the author, take part in a Q&A and get your book signed! Not only that, Salon events will be created around the theme OFTHEBOOKMˬKINGITˬUNIQUEˬNDFUN NIGHTOUTFORYOUˬNDYOURBESTGˬLPˬLS Not in a book club? BRAVA Salon is the perfect way to join one! 2014 BOOK PICKS "BREAD AND BUTTER" BY MICHELLE WILDGEN #3"7" 4ˬLON "UG ˬT 8ISCONSIN #REWING$OMPˬNY4ˬVETHEDˬTEFORˬ delectable event featuring food and beer samples, local artists and foodie pop-up BOUTIQUESˬNDˬBˬNDPERFORMINGONTHE BRˬNDNEWOUTDOORPˬTIO "VINTAGE" BY SUSAN GLOSS #3"7"4ˬLON0CTOBER4TˬYTUNEDFOR more details! 4IGNUPFOR#3"7"&BLˬSTSˬT#3"7" MˬGˬZINECOMTOMˬKESUREYOUmREINTHE loop and watch the June issue for ticket INFORMˬTION

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