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16 BRAVA MAGAZINE | MAY 2014 CONNECT IN HER SHOES THE ITALIAN JOB CATHY FLEMING'S SAVORY ADVENTURES BY MEAGAN PARRISH 8ˬRNING*FYOUTRˬVELTO*TˬLYSEVERˬL times a year, there's a good chance your palate will put up a fuss about returning HOME nŀ EBRUSCHETTˬΖoSˬYS$ˬTHY'LEMING owner of Viaggi di Gusto, a locally based travel company that leads culinary ad- VENTURESINTHEEVERENTICING&UROPEˬN BOOTnŀ ˬTmSONETHING*CRˬVE*TmSTHE olive oil and the tomatoes, even the salt— ITmSJUSTDIFFERENTTHEREo Fresh, local, steeped in tradition and just mouth-wateringly different—it's what makes Italy a foodie and wine-lov- er's paradise, and what's helped Flem- INGmSBUSINESSBOOM8ITHSEVERˬLSCENIC GROUPTOURSˬYEˬRTHˬTCONQUERVˬRIOUS regions of Italy and always explore the cuisine and wine; plus individual, cor- porate and small-group trip planning services, this 53-year-old marketing pro has tapped into the taste many have for SˬVORYTRIPSOFˬLIFETIME How did Viaggi di Gusto get its start? I lived in Italy in the 80s and then 15 years LˬTER*WENTBˬCKWITH I was into the food and wine and had MORETIMETOEXPLOREŀ ˬTmSWHˬTGOTTHE WHEELSTURNING*CˬMEBˬCKWˬSTELLING people about the trip and many said 'I'd LOVETODOTHˬTm4O*DIDSOMERESEˬRCH had meetings with contacts, planned the ǠRSTTRIPˬNDTOOKˬBOUTPEOPLEOVER What kind of experience are your cli- ents after? 4OMETHING ˬUTHENTIC 8E GOˬTˬDIFFERENTPˬCEONOURTRIPS0NE thing I'm good at is balancing scheduled PHOTO COURTESY OF VIAGGI DI GUSTO

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