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48 BRAVA MAGAZINE | MAY 2014 /// OUTDOOR ADVENTURES /// > ŀEREmSSOMETHINGMESMERIZINGˬBOUT a stream in the Driftless Area. Cutting THROUGHLUSHGRˬSSYBˬNKSFˬRMǠELDS and coulees, look up to green-shrouded craggy hills and sky above. When you're midstream, time just about stops, and peace reigns in an or- CHESTRˬWITHˬBˬBBLINGRIǟETHEBLˬCK bird's shrill of "conk-la-ree" or, de- pending where you stand, the moos of a passing herd. And then there's the trout: To catch one ONˬǢYBRINGSˬNEXHILˬRˬTIONNODˬYIN a bass boat can, perhaps because it's an ˬRTTOGETǢYˬNDRODˬNDǠSHTOˬLIGN matching the hatch, casting in rhythm, and the slow stalk for the wary trout. And wary they are—making the catch, and then release with hope for another day, all the more earned and bittersweet. It is infectious—the wont to land another lu- minous rainbow or red-spotted brown. "NDTHˬTmSWHYǠSHERWOMENˬNDMEN get pulled farther upstream, casting just a little while longer for what might wait around that next bend. Get into the art at a Women's Fly Fish- ing Clinic—taught by women (and a few good men). You'll learn to tie and choose ˬǢYDECIPHERTHEHˬTCH YESBUGS ˬND CˬSTINGǠSHINGˬNDLˬNDINGTECHNIQUESr plus you'll hit the stream with a guide. ŀENBRINGTHOSEǠSHTˬLESTOTHEEVENING BONǠRES *NTERMEDIˬTE 8OMEN ON THE Water Skills Clinic, June 18-20; Begin- ners Clinic, June 20-23. SWTUORGq,# EAT Several meals are included with the fishing clinics; bring beverages or treats to share. SLEEP Fly girls pitch tents at West Fork Sportmans Club, along the Kickapoo River. Too rustic? B&Bs and private cabins dot the region, and the local guide service and fly shop, Driftless Angler in Viroqua, rents an apartment upstairs. DO Now that you know how, what else? Fly fish. CAMPING/AROUND THE STATE Hike to your site to find solitude and a more picturesque camping experience. Walk your gear (carts provided) a few extra yards up to 1.5 miles at Newport State Park (Door County), Buckhorn State Park (near Tomah) or Big Bay State Park (Madeline Island). Find a complete list of parks and forests that offer backpack-style camping at –A.T.B. BIRDING/BARABOO Home to International Crane Foundation and the Baraboo Hills, Baraboo is a bird- lover's hot spot. Visit the ICF for daily public tours, observe 15 crane species, learn crane biology, investigate threats to their survival and conservation methods for endangered species. Explore the Baraboo Hills, filled with scenic drives and hikes and check your bird list for scores of species. –L.J. KAYAKING/DOOR AND BAYFIELD COUNTIES Enjoy guided full-day or multiday tours of the Door County Peninsula's coastline, speckled with 1,000-year-old caves, light- houses, shipwrecks and Native American petroglyphs. Or, try sea kayaking the Apostle Islands on various overnight, day- touring and group trips. Skilled enough to solo? Rent a kayak and leave from one of the lakeshore's free launch points. –L.J. GIRLS ON THE FLY Fishing Clinics, Avalanche

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