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60 BRAVA MAGAZINE | MAY 2014 GO+DO SAVOR PHOTOGRAPHED BY MATT ENGLEHART FRESH TAKES THE DISH WINE SPICE NOTES Follow these rules and you'll find wines that pair well with hot and spicy foods, no sweat. Avoid oak and high alcohol content. Wines with higher alcohol actually "fuel" a food's spiciness and make it hotter. Wines aged in new oak barrels also tend to work against spicy foods by overpowering and washing out complex food flavors. Good choices: German Riesling, Torrontes from South America. Favor fruity, aromatic and off-dry wines. Use the sweetness of the residual sugar in wines to complement spicy dishes. Some amount of sweetness in the wine will play off the intricate flavors. Good choices: German Riesling, Vouvray (Chenin Blanc). Spice it up with crisp, lighter reds. Avoid heavy tannins and instead, look for slightly fruitier or softer wines. Good choices: French Beaujolais, Oregon Pinot Noir. Bring on the heat—and cheers! –Karen Eigenberger, STEVE'S Wine-Beer-Spirits TABLE TALK Fried Shitake Mushrooms with Sprouted Lentils: Forequarter Fans of fungus will tip their cap to these scrumptious spores. Lightly fried oyster and shiitake mushrooms partner with pickled serrano peppers, sprouted lentils, salted lime curd and a balsamic reduction, in a veggie-friendly feast you'll swear has meat. Richer than a seasonal salad, this foraged find is hearty enough to order as your entrée. 708 E. Johnson St., Madison. Orchiette: Nostrano Ear-shaped housemade pasta, firm but not too tough, stands up to the flavorful addi- tion of game bird sausage, roasted turnips, rapini, preserved Meyer lemon and fiore sardo (a rich sheep's milk cheese) shaved over top. Offered in lunch-sized portions and larger for dinner, this menu staple is altered slightly to keep with the season. 111 S. Hamilton St., Madison. Caprese Estiva: Osteria Papavero Color is key to this salad full of crisp ingredients that truly celebrate spring. Buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, baby arugula, and oil-cured anchovies in balsamic vinaigrette help to wave goodbye to winter and usher in a season of ripe produce. 128 Wilson St., Madison. –Corey Dane, Madison's community director for INDIAN MADE EASY Find traditional Indian curries, gravy masalas, stews or dahls too complicated to cook? Madisonians Sara Parthasarathy and her husband, Partha Sabniviss, co-founders of, can help you create traditional Indian meals that are healthy, delicious—and easy to prepare. Their web store pairs perfectly pre-measured spice kits with recipes and instructions. The best part? Besides filling your home with sensual aromas—cardamom, clove, cinnamon, cumin—there are no leftover spices to store into staleness. Available online, at Willy Street Coop West, the West Side's HyVee and soon, Whole Foods. –Kathy Brozyna

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