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BY RAYE ACKERMAN, CEO, ITS CANADA/ITS DISPATCH CONTINUED ON PAGE 31 WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? O N E H U N D R E D P E R C E N T O F A L L L A R G E C A R R I E R S A N D F R E I G H T B R O K E R S H AV E A U T O M AT E D T H E I R B U S I N E S S E S . THE MYTHS THAT KEEP SMALL BUSINESSES FROM USING AUTOMATION SOFTWARE T he big companies all choose to use some form of automated management system to run their businesses, trucks, organize their accounting, manage their carriers, pay their bills and so on. ey've made the investment, (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars) in order to put these systems in place. I can safely say that 100 percent of all larger carriers and freight brokers have automated their businesses and they did not wait until they had 100 trucks or 20 brokers or agents to do this. We know they have systems and structures in place that give them tools at the ready to review their businesses, make better decisions and hopefully make more money for the staff, owners or investors. We know that they are constantly looking to improve on this technology by adding in even more functionality, more controls, more reporting, more tracking to ultimately have one single source solution to understand at the click of a button, all the intimate goings on within their businesses. " " 28 IT MAGAZINE Vo l . 8 , N o . 3

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