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June 1

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the most recent release of the W a s h i n g t o n State Uni versity apple breed- ing program, WA 38 is known for excellent texture and consistent flavor. A cross between Enterprise and Honeycrisp, WA 38 has created a lot of interest amongst Washington growers. However, success of the variety in the marketplace will in large part be determined by consumer acceptance. WSU's apple breeder Dr. Kate Evans, food scientist Dr. Carolyn Ross, and the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission's postharvest scientist Dr. Ines Hanrahan tested consumer reactions to WA 38 and Honeycrisp at River Park Square Shopping Mall in Spokane, Washing- ton. Direct pair-wise comparisons with Honeycrisp were chosen because Honeycrisp has been the top-selling apple cultivar based on returns to the grower and general consumer buzz. Evaluations to gauge consumer preferences as the fruit came out of storage took place on three differ- ent dates: October 26, 2013; December 14, 2013; and March 15, 2014. Hanrahan sourced commercial- quality GOOD FRUIT GROWER JUNE 2014 27 GOOD TO KNOW A research report from Dr. Kate Evans, Dr. Carolyn Ross, and Dr. Ines Hanrahan Consumers rate WA 38 After the apples had been stored for several months, consumers preferred the taste and texture of WA 38 over Honeycrisp. New Varieties Van Well Offers These and Other Patented Fruit Varieties: Van Well Exclusive Patented Apple Brands Auvil Early Fuji ® (Fuji 216 cv.) U.S.P.P. # 10141 Gale Gala ® (Malaga cv.) U.S.P.P. # 10114 Red Cameo (Dudek v.) U.S.P.P. # 19766 Redfield ® Red Braeburn (Mahana cv.) U.S.P.P. # 17268 Red Jonaprince (Red Jonagold) U.S.P.P. # 11112 Adams Apple ® Red Delicious (Burchinal cv.) U.S.P.P. # 14757 Patented Cherry Varieties Sunset Bing ® (Brown cv.) U.S.P.P. # 15386 Early Robin ® U.S.P.P. # 13951 These commercial fruit tree varieties have been granted U. S. plant patents which prohibit their propagation by all except authorized licensees. Contact us for additional information about propagation and/or growing these or other of our patented fruit varieties. Visit our website: or email us at M E M B E R H E L P I N G G R O W E R S G R O W ™ | W E N A T C H E E , W A S H I N G T O N Grown in the U.S.A. P.O. Box 1339 Wenatchee, WA 98807 PHONE 509/886-8189 FAX 509/886-0294 WEB EMAIL The Following are Registered Trademarks of Van Well Nursery ® : Auvil Early Fuji ® , Gale Gala ® , Redfield ® Red Braeburn, Oregon Spur ® , Super Chief ® , Sunset Bing ® ,Adams Apple ® , Attika ® , Early Robin ® . These Trade Names cannot be used without written permission from Van Well Nursery ® . NOTICE CONCERNING PLANT PATENTS and Tree Fruit Variety Trademarks: PHOTO COURTESY OF WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Consumers were asked to rate WA 38 and Honeycrisp apples in October, December, and March.

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