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March 2011

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SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS MARCH 2011 COMMERCIAL & SYSTEMS INTEGRATORS 17 ASG CLOSES $230M LINE OF CREDIT Continued from page 1 It all depends on what ASG finds out there, executives said. “Our goal has always been to create a lot of internal sales. We’ll use the revolver for key acquisitions that [provide access to] a new channel or a new market or enhance opportuni- ties within our portfolio of Weiss Continued from page 16 company—they’re a DSX and Hirsh dealer with thousands of access control clients in the small, mid- and enterprise class, and a huge collection in the mid-range with four to eight readers.” Offering hosted services (ICS offers hosted access through an arrangement with Acadian Monitoring) is key to creating RMR, but service contracts, maintenance and inspection or traditional monitoring are also part of the picture, and the sales pitch. To transition to a service model, integrators need to “change their mentality from just big-bid projects, to now more big- and middle-sized projects with RMR,” he said. There’s also internal account- ing, he said. “For the operations people, it’s getting used to the fact that it’s not all time-and- materials anymore,” he said. Integrators don’t typically “know what they need to have in an RMR-style contract, what language, terms, liability, and coverages you need.” Weiss said his marketing efforts are focused on search engine optimization and the development of a good cus- tomer-relationship manage- ment program. “You need to have a really good database,” he said. SSN Goldman Continued from page 16 from a cash-flow perspective. Specifically, on the commercial front, the creation costs and attrition are typically lower and thus the NPV [net present value] of the projected future cash flows are higher,” Semple said. “Your dollars-at-risk up front on the commercial side are less than in residential.” On the other hand, where creation costs are higher with residential accounts, the upside is that “accounts are generally more liquid.” “Our typical low end is around $15 million in terms of money to put to work and as high as $150 million on the hold side,” Semple said. SSN Untitled-1 1 Panasonic System Networks Company of America Surveillance, Monitoring & Video Imaging 1/13/11 9:10 AM We’ve got it all covered. Panasonic offers surveillance system solutions with superior performance and cost-efficiency for virtually any application. Configure the system that best meets your specific needs from the most comprehensive line of IP, analog and hybrid products available. Our latest innovations include i-PRO SmartHD cameras and recorders with automatic real-time face detection, and UniPhier® large-scale integrated chips to assure the highest levels of integration. They’re advancements that will make any system smarter and more cost-efficient. Any way you view it, Panasonic has got you covered. see more with your smartphone W 469 N ideas for life branches,” Nuccio said. The facility expands upon a $190 million facility completed in 2008. ASG is very happy to add Goldman Sachs to its bank group, said ASG CFO Ralph Masino. “For us it’s really exciting to have Goldman on board,” he said. “It’s important for us to have knowl- edgeable, experienced lenders who understand our space and have dedicated teams.” Will Schmidt, who led the deal for CapitalSource, said it’s “a large deal with a lot of capacity, and it’s certainly due to the strong management team at ASG led by Joe and Ralph.” Schmidt called the company’s performance “top tier,” with impressive metrics. They’ve got “moderate attrition, good oper- ating cash flow, strong market density—these guys do a good job,” he said. Schmidt said ASG is very good at developing relation- ships within the industry and called them “the buyer of choice for many folks.” He said he’s “constantly impressed with the quality of companies they buy and they don’t have to enter into auctions ... or bid against a bunch of [other companies]. They continue to be able to find good fold-ins in [markets they’re in] or accretive deals in [neighboring markets],” he said. SSN V - W

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