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March 2011

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SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS MARCH 2011 FIRE SYSTEMS INSTALLATION 21 NFPA launches new fire codes subscription option QUINCY, Mass.—The National Fire Protection Association, based here, in January launched NFCSS with Handbooks, a new National Fire Codes Subscription Service option that is available for access to enhanced electronic content. NFCSS with Handbooks will continue to provide all the features and benefits of its current electronic Trend Continued from page 20 is now happening, and those guys that are poised and ready to do that kind of work are going to not just survive but thrive in our industry,” Wojdan said. He said the system installed at plant 11 is “true integra- tion with fire and mass noti- fication.” He described how it works: “What this software product does is it takes a signal from our fire systems or their medical emergency buttons and broadcasts it out to cell phones. So in the event of an emergency, they would get not only their speaker strobes blaring at the plant, but every guy that’s on the fire brigade would get a cell phone text message, and he would get his cell phone ringing and a voice stating, ‘Fire alarm in plant 11.’ And if he is sitting at his PC ... he’ll get a red screen pop up on his PC stating, ‘Fire alarm in plant 11.’” Wojdan is co-owner of Great Lakes with his busi- ness partner, William Blanchard. As SSN reported last April, the two are former Simplex employees who decided in 2001 to start their own company after Tyco acquired Simplex, Wojdan said. He said Great Lakes, which does fire and security systems as well as fire suppression, stands out because it guarantees a response time of four hours to its customers. He said the company now has about 900 customers in the commercial, industrial, educational and health care verticals, and opened a satellite office in Rochester last year. In its Buffalo headquarters, Great Lakes also has a demon- stration training center, where the company holds lunch and learn sessions for customers on the latest products. That’s how the company sold Moog on the products installed at the plant, Wojdan said. “We like to say we’ve got a perfect record as far as closing a job when we bring people in here (to the demonstration facility),” he said. SSN 770.495.1993 inspection reporting solution The world’s most trusted Does Your Inspection Reporting System Deliver the Critical Data Your Customers Need? BuildingReports’ web-based inspection reporting system and unique bar code technology can deliver device specifi c reports for your customers with more detail than any other system! NFCSS subscription, which includes access to current and previous editions of NFPA codes and stan- dards online, the association said. In addition, it said, subscribers to NFCSS with Handbooks now will have access to the combination of the national fire codes and NFPA handbooks together in one source. NFPA handbooks,written by experts in life safety and fire pro- tection, are road maps to the codes that help users get up-to-speed on new requirements. NFCSS with Handbooks features commentary distinguished by shading to explain the rationale behind the code; full code or standard text for easy refer- ence, examples of correct applica- tions in specific situations; and hundreds of photos, tables, diagrams and charts that graphically convey code concepts. The service includes PDF and HTML formats of all handbooks. “NFPA handbooks provide detailed information and in-depth perspectives,” said Christian Dubay, NFPA VP and chief engineer, in a statement. Nearly 25 percent of NFPA’s codes are revised every year, so NFCSS ensures that its subscribers continu- ously have access to the latest version of each code and any modifications or updates to those requirements. The new option of NFCSS with Handbooks is designed to enhance subscribers’ ability to stay apprised of that information. SSN *0 1 1 0 2 1 0 0* Trusted reporting data your customers need: • 3rd Party Verifi cation • Inventory & Warranty Report • Time/Date Inspected • Automated Product Recall Alerts • Service Authorizations • Discrepancy Reports • 24/7 Access • NFPA Embedded Codes & Standards

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