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6 NEWS MARCH 2011 SECURITY SYSTEMS NEWS Bigger ISC West means more chances to network, poll says By Daniel Gelinas YARMOUTH, Maine—A recent poll conducted by Security Systems News shows many are pleased with ISC West’s announcement that booth space for the upcoming Las Vegas- based trade show was nearly sold out, and ISC West VP Ed Nichols has said the bigger show means great things for the industry. [See story, page 9] In a Jan. 26-Feb. 3 poll, SSN asked if you were going, if you were sending more or fewer attendees than last year, and what a bigger show meant to you. Seventy percent of voters said they were attending. Twenty- three percent indicated they would not be in Las Vegas in April. Another 8 percent said they were not sure if they would attend. West? n Why are people going to ISC “This industry is moving at For a more robust version of stories in this section, see: WWW. SECURITYSYSTEMSNEWS.COM lightning speed. There are new technologies, new services, new vendors and new providers arriving on the scene each year. With that in mind, everyone in the industry needs to keep their finger on the pulse of these changes and ISC West provides the optimal venue to achieve this,” said Vector Security VP communications Dave Merrick. “It’s the Super Bowl and World Series of the security industry wrapped up into one event. It allows us to network with the right people and allows for end user/customer interaction, too.” Fifty-nine percent of voters said they were bringing the same number of attendees as last year, while 18 percent were bringing more and 23 percent were bring- ing fewer. Rick Caruthers is executive vice president of Walkersville, Md.-based access control pro- vider Galaxy Control Systems. He said ISC West offers a great chance to get Galaxy’s brand out there and take advantage of new business opportunities. POLL see page 9 What kind of system do you have? I use a DSC. It’s an 1832. I don’t have any real add-ons yet, but I do want to upgrade to video. I want to upgrade my phone first, though, and I’d like to upgrade to having video go directly to my phone. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m excited to get there eventually. I’m pretty happy with the system I use now. It’s so simple to use. Are you going to ISC West 2011? “This show continues to draw people not only from the entire U.S. but from around the world where other shows are attracting more regional attendees.” —Rick Caruthers, Galaxy Control Systems NEWSPOLL based on answers provided by 119 respondents in January and February Run for Fun [and help change lives] * Are you bringing more or fewer people than last year? How does your system fit into your lifestyle? I use my system every day, because I want to feel peace of mind when I get home late at night. In this business I almost never get home before dark. So I want to be sure I’m walking into a secure environment, because it’s just me. I mean, I have a big watchcat—a Manx named Celia, or CC—who does absolutely nothing. I love her, but she does nothing for me security-wise. What’s the most important aspect of your system? The fire system. I’m absolutely a fire freak. Whenever I go into my family’s homes I’m always saying, “Have you checked the batteries in your smoke detectors?” With a fire, it takes over so quickly ... and you can lose your life really quickly. I’m also really involved with the Fire Marshal’s Association, so I see a lot of their controlled burns and I see the flashover. There’s not a lot of time. Once that flashover happens, you’ve gotta be on your way out, or you might not get out. What’s big news in the industry right now? National licensing is a huge thing right now. One national stan- dard for central stations instead of all the state standards. It’s really a nightmare right now. —Daniel Gelinas How I Use My System Talking panels and keypads with MJ Vance I n 2006, CenterPoint Technologies VP of operations and business development MJ Vance began working with the Fire Marshal’s Association, and last year was recognized by the association for her work in raising awareness of fire safety issues and raising funds in the form of sponsorships. Security Systems News spoke with MJ recently about her personal use of security, why she feels it’s important, and what she wouldn’t want to ever do without. MJ Vance and watchcat CC like knowing their home is secure and their property protected. BENEFITING: WWW.SECURITY5K.COM Help our industry make a difference Sign up to run or walk at: EVENT SPONSORS: ORGANIZING SPONSORS: TIMING SPONSOR: TSHIRT SPONSOR: April 7th 7:30–8:30am Security5k . com

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