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ATLAS INDEX • PENNSYLVANIA • 173 800-526-9328 • • 157 Oldcastle Materials, Inc./CRH Plc Pennsy Supply, Inc. Pittston Quarry Luzerne - Pittston Sandstone (crushed, broken) 158 Pioneer Aggregates, Inc. White Haven Plant Luzerne - White Haven Sandstone (crushed, broken) 159 Wilkes Barre Materials, LLC 315 Quarry Luzerne - Shavertown Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 160 Brdaric Excavating, Inc. Buck Mountain Quarry Luzerne - Kingston Sandstone (crushed, broken) 161 Oldcastle Materials, Inc./CRH Plc Slusser Brothers Small Mountain Quarry, Inc. Luzerne - Harrisburg Sandstone (crushed, broken) 162 Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. Hazleton Aggregate Facility Plant #23 Luzerne - Hazleton Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 163 American Asphalt Paving Co. Chase Quarry Luzerne - Shavertown Sandstone (crushed, broken) 164 E & J Construction, LLC Minnier Quarry #1 Lycoming - Canton Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 165 John Pepper Smith Quarries Lycoming - Roaring Branch Slate (crushed, broken) 166 Heidelberg Cement AG Hanson Aggregates Pennsylvania, LLC Pine Creek Quarry Lycoming - Jersey Shore Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 167 Duffy, Inc. Port Alleghany Mine McKean - Port Allegany Sandstone (crushed, broken) 168 Ron Onufry Flagstone Knapps Mine McKean - Port Allegany Sandstone (dimension) 169 White Rock Silica Sand Co., Inc. Mercer - Greenville Sandstone (crushed, broken) 170 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. Eastern Industries, Inc. Naginey Quarry Miffl in - Milroy Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 171 Heidelberg Cement AG Hanson Aggregates Pennsylvania, LLC Stroudsburg Quarry Monroe - Stroudsburg Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 172 Bill Barry Excavating, Inc. Cresco Quarry Monroe - Cresco Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 173 Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc. Pocono Quarry Plant Monroe - Snydersville Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 174 Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. Locust Ridge Quarry Monroe - Thornhurst Sandstone (crushed, broken) 175 Glasgow, Inc. Spring House Quarry Montgomery - Glenside Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 176 Highway Materials, Inc. Plymouth Meeting Quarry Montgomery - Plymouth Meeting Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 177 Gill Quarries, Inc. East Norriton Quarry Montgomery - Fairview Village Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 178 Glasgow, Inc. McCoy Quarry Montgomery - King of Prussia Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 179 Harleysville Materials, LLC Harleysville Montgomery - Harleysville Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 180 Highway Materials, Inc. Perkiomenville Quarry Montgomery - Perkiomenville Traprock (crushed, broken) 181 Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. Pottstown Trap Rock Quarries Sanatoga Montgomery - Pottstown Traprock (crushed, broken) 182 Heidelberg Cement AG Hanson Aggregates Pennsylvania, LLC Milton Plant Montour - Milton Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 183 Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. ABE Materials Northampton - Easton Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 184 Chrin Brothers, Inc. Island Park Quarry Northampton - Easton Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 185 Buzzi Unicem S.p.A. Buzzi Unicem USA Hercules Cement, LP Northampton - Stockertown - Facility Cement 186 Italcementi S.p.A. Essroc Cement Corp. Plant #3 Northampton - Nazareth - Facility Cement 187 Italcementi S.p.A. Essroc Cement Corp. Nazareth Plant 2 Northampton - Nazareth - Facility Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 188 Italcementi S.p.A. Essroc Cement Corp. Nazareth Plant I Northampton - Nazareth - Facility Cement 189 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. Eastern Industries, Inc. Nazareth Quarry #119 Northampton - Bethlehem Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 190 Cementos Portland Valderrivas S.A. Keystone Cement Co. Northampton - Bath - Facility Cement 191 Corson Quarries, Inc. Bear Gap Stone Division Northumberland - Elysburg Sandstone (crushed, broken) 192 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. Eastern Industries, Inc. Shamokin Quarry Northumberland - Center Valley Sandstone (crushed, broken) 193 Daniel Shingara Enterprises, Inc. Northumberland - Paxinos Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 194 Watsontown Brick Co. The Watsontown Brick Co. Quarry Northumberland - Watsontown Slate (crushed, broken) 195 Meckley's Limestone Products, Inc. Mandata Quarry Northumberland - Herndon Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 196 Asbury Carbons, Inc. Anthracite Industries, Inc. Northumberland - Facility Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 197 Oldcastle Materials, Inc./CRH Plc Pennsy Supply, Inc. Newport Quarry Perry - Newport Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 198 Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc. Milford Quarry Pike - Milford Granite (crushed, broken) 199 Dingmans Ferry Stone, Inc. Pike - Dingmans Ferry Sandstone (crushed, broken) 200 Holbert Brothers Bluestone Co. Pike - Lackawaxin Stone NEC (dimension) 201 E.R. Linde Construction Corp. Leeward Middle Creek Quarry Pike - Hawley Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 202 Edwards Sand & Stone South Sterling Quarry Pike - New Foundland Sandstone (crushed, broken) 203 North Penn Supply Watson #1 Potter - Coudersport Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 204 Tracy Crosby Mine #1 Potter - Coudersport Stone NEC (dimension) 205 Cornelius Excavating Cornelius Mine Potter - Roulette Stone NEC (dimension) 206 Cornelius Excavating Trout Brook Quarry Potter - Roulette Stone NEC (dimension) 207 Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. Roulette Aggregate Plant #33 Potter - Coudersport Sandstone (crushed, broken) 208 Glasgow, Inc. Lehigh Asphalt Paving & Construction Co. Schuylkill - Andreas Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 209 Oldcastle Materials, Inc./CRH Plc Pennsy Supply, Inc. Summit Station Quarry Schuylkill - Summit Station Sandstone (crushed, broken) 210 Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. Pottsville Materials, LLC Schuylkill - St. Clair Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 211 HMMK, LLC Foster Materials Schuylkill - Hegins Sandstone (crushed, broken) 212 National Limestone Quarry, Inc. Mt. Pleasant Mills Quarry Snyder - Mt. Pleasant Mills Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 213National Limestone Quarry, Inc. Paxtonville Quarry Snyder - Snyder Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 214 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. Central City Quarry & Mill Somerset - Central City Sandstone (crushed, broken) 215 Garrett Limestone, Inc. Romesburg Quarry Somerset - Garrett - Underground Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 216 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. Somerset Quarry & Mill Somerset - Somerset Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 217 New Centerville Stone and Sand, Inc. New Centerville Quarry Somerset - New Centerville Sandstone (crushed, broken) 218 Keystone Lime Co., Inc. Eichorn Mines Somerset - Springs - Underground Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 219 Amerikohl Aggregates Jim Mountain Quarry Somerset - Donegal Sandstone (crushed, broken) 220 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. Eastern Industries, Inc. Clifford Plant #813 Susquehanna - Clifford Sandstone (crushed, broken) 221 Joseph Zawisky, LLC Clapper Quarry #2 Susquehanna - New Milford Sandstone (dimension) 222 B & D Stone Meyer Quarry Susquehanna - Lanesboro Sandstone (dimension) 223 Chilewski Lamb Quarry Susquehanna - Susquehanna Sandstone (dimension) 224 Conrad Stone Susquehanna - Susquehanna Stone NEC (dimension) 225 Don Burns Susquehanna - Susquehanna Sandstone (dimension)

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