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# Parent Company Company Name Operation Name County – Nearest Town Rock Type ATLAS INDEX • PENNSYLVANIA • 174 • • 800-526-9328 226 Endless Mountain Stone Co. Crestmont 1 Susquehanna - Lanesboro Stone NEC (dimension) 227 Endless Mountain Stone Co. Four Star/Bowtie Susquehanna - Great Bend Sandstone (dimension) 228 James Marcy Quarry Susquehanna - Susquehanna Sandstone (dimension) 229 John Sholtiss D & J Quarry Susquehanna - Thompson Stone NEC (dimension) 230 PBS Bluestone Co. Susquehanna - Susquehanna Stone NEC (dimension) 231 Cheyenne Custom Bluestone Quarry #1 Susquehanna - Lanesboro Stone NEC (dimension) 232 Scott George Bluestone George Quarry Susquehanna - Lanesboro Sandstone (dimension) 233 F.S. Lopke Contracting, Inc. Chamberlain Quarry Susquehanna - Hartford Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 234 Leroy L. Weidow Susquehanna - Jackson Sandstone (dimension) 235 H.L. Robinson Sand and Gravel Fallon Stone Quarry Susquehanna - Lennox Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 236 Guild Flagstone II O'Dell Quarry Susquehanna - Kingsley Stone NEC (dimension) 237 F.S. Lopke Contracting, Inc. O'Dell Quarry Susquehanna - Alford Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 238 Gilwal Farms Susquehanna - New Milford Sandstone (dimension) 239 Gregory S. Grover Stump Pond 1 & 2 Susquehanna - New Milford Stone NEC (dimension) 240 Cold Ridge Stone, LLC Farm Quarry I Susquehanna - Kingsley Sandstone (dimension) 241 Cold Ridge Stone, LLC Farm Quarry II Susquehanna - Kingsley Stone NEC (dimension) 242 P & P Stone, LLC Susquehanna - Hallstead Sandstone (dimension) 243 Randy K. Lewis Lewis 2 Quarry Susquehanna - Hallstead Stone NEC (dimension) 244 Harold E. Wheeland, Jr. Smith Quarry #2 Susquehanna - Springville Sandstone (dimension) 245 Harry Silvers Quarry Smith Holm Quarry Susquehanna - Springville Stone NEC (dimension) 246 Loch Flagstone Quarries, LLC Rozell's Quarry Susquehanna - Hop Bottom Stone NEC (dimension) 247 Oldcastle Materials, Inc./CRH Plc Pennsy Supply, Inc. Montrose Quarry Susquehanna - Montrose Stone NEC (dimension) 248 J.W. Flagstone M.I. Desi Mine Susquehanna - Springville Stone NEC (dimension) 249 Arrowhead Quarries Curley Quarry Susquehanna - Lawton Stone NEC (dimension) 250 Dave Bonnice Quarries Bonnice Quarry Susquehanna - Montrose Stone NEC (dimension) 251 Oldcastle Materials, Inc./CRH Plc Pennsy Supply, Inc. Lawton Quarry Susquehanna - Lawton Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 252 Rock Ridge Stone, Inc. Castlemont #1 Susquehanna - Montrose Stone NEC (dimension) 253 L & D Stoneworks, Inc. L & D Stoneworks Middletown Quarry Susquehanna - Middletown Stone NEC (dimension) 254 Marty Evans Gruver 1 Susquehanna - South Montrose Sandstone (dimension) 255 Meshoppen Stone, Inc. Wheaton Quarry Susquehanna - West Auburn Stone NEC (dimension) 256 Nicholas Hawley Dragon Fly #2 Quarry Susquehanna - South Montrose Stone NEC (dimension) 257 Northeast Stone Works, Inc. Orchard Quarry #4 Susquehanna - Montrose Stone NEC (dimension) 258 Northeast Stone Works, Inc. Quarry #2-Starzec Susquehanna - Montrose Stone NEC (dimension) 259 Oak Ridge Bluestone Wood's Quarry Susquehanna - Brackney Slate (crushed, broken) 260 Rich Jenkins, Inc. Lewis Quarry Susquehanna - Montrose Sandstone (dimension) 261 Warner Quarry #1, LLC Warner Quarry #1 Susquehanna - Montrose Slate (crushed, broken) 262 William S. Kilmer Flagstone, Inc. Warner #1 Susquehanna - Montrose Sandstone (dimension) 263 Marty Evans South Town Mine Susquehanna - Montrose Sandstone (dimension) 264 Choplosky Stone Hibbard Quarry Susquehanna - Dimock Sandstone (dimension) 265 Meshoppen Stone, Inc. Elk Lake II Susquehanna - Dimock Stone NEC (dimension) 266 Rock Ridge Stone, Inc. Burts Brothers Susquehanna - Montrose Sandstone (dimension) 267 Oldcastle Materials, Inc./CRH Plc Pennsy Supply, Inc. Auburn Quarry Susquehanna - Elk Lake Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 268 Alan C. Gage Alderson Quarry Susquehanna - Lawton Stone NEC (dimension) 269 Gage Quarry Susquehanna - Rushville Stone NEC (dimension) 270 Paul Bennett & Sons Allen Quarry Susquehanna - Rushville Stone NEC (dimension) 271 Popple Construction, Inc. Rushville Aggregates Susquehanna - Lawton Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 272 R. Johnson Stone Warner Quarry Susquehanna - Rush Stone NEC (dimension) 273 Vasquez Stone Stanton Quarry Vasquez Contractor Susquehanna - Stephensville Stone NEC (dimension) 274 John Gage Susquehanna - Rushville Stone NEC (dimension) 275 A & S Stone Tomcheck Pit Susquehanna - Little Meadows Stone NEC (dimension) 276 Kamarauskas Flagstone Kamarauskas Quarry Susquehanna - Little Meadows Stone NEC (dimension) 277 Cross Excavating Hemlock Hill Quarry Tioga - Mainesburg Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 278 Heidelberg Cement AG Hanson Aggregates Pennsylvania, LLC Blossburg Plant Tioga - Blossburg Sandstone (crushed, broken) 279 Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. Antrim Aggregate Plant #25 Tioga - Wellsboro Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 280 New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. Eastern Industries, Inc. Lewisburg Quarry Union - Lewisburg Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 281 Iddings Quarry Union - Miffl inburg Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 282 Bedrock Mines, LP Nectarine Venango - Harrisville Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 283 Neiswonger Construction, Inc. Maggie Lynn Quarry Washington - Deemston Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 284 Fayette Coal & Coke, Inc. 221 Site Washington - East Buffalo Sandstone (crushed, broken) 285 Flintstone, LLC Bedrock Quarries, Inc. Wayne - Damascus Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 286 Johnston & Rhodes Bluestone Co. Peterson Quarry Wayne - Equinunk Sandstone (dimension) 287 MBK Associates, LLC Wayne - Equinunk Stone NEC (dimension) 288 Middle Creek Quarry, Inc. Wayne - Honesdale Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 289 Bill Pykus Excavating, Inc. Springer Quarry Wayne - Lake Como Stone NEC (crushed, broken) 290 Paul Gustin Quarries Wayne - Lakewood Stone NEC (dimension) 291 Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc. Sterling Quarry Wayne - Sterling Traprock (crushed, broken) 292 Heidelberg Cement AG Hanson Aggregates BMC, Inc. Torrance Mine Westmoreland - Torrance - Underground Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 293 Derry Stone & Lime Co. Ligonier Stone & Lime Co. Westmoreland - Latrobe Sandstone (dimension) 294 Heidelberg Cement AG Hanson Aggregates BMC, Inc. Whitney Plant Westmoreland - Latrobe - Underground Limestone NEC (crushed, broken) 295 Hoover Stone Quarry, LLC Westmoreland - Saltsburg Sandstone (crushed, broken) 296 Keller Crushing & Screening, Inc. Wyoming - Lemon Sandstone (crushed, broken) 297 Meshoppen Stone, Inc. Anderson Quarry Wyoming - Meshoppen Stone NEC (dimension)

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