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Martin's Engineering Class Drum Pulleys are designed per the application and are typically applied in very aggressive applications in the industry. Our Engineering Class Drum Pulleys are designed with the most up to date software programs and backed up with years of experience in our engineering department. Martin has the ability to provide many custom and unique manufacturing processes to ensure optimal performance in each application; balancing, magnetic particle testing and stress relieving are among a few examples of our capabilities. Martin U Martin's stocks M-XT and M-HE Bushings in a wide range of bore sizes. t Specifically designed for conveyor pulley applications. t Specially designed taper requires minimal axial movement of the hub and end disc during installation. M-XT ® & M-HE ® BUSHINGS HEAVY DUTY CONVEYOR PULLEYS ENGINEERING CLASS DRUM PULLEYS %36.16--&:4t8*/(16--&:4t41&$*"-$0/4536$5*0/16--&:4 ."$)*/&%65:t45"/%"3%%65:t.*/&%65:t26"33:%65: TURBO DISC TD T-BOTTOM TB ENGINEERING MINE DUTY EMD www.martinsprock "The ONE Y 817-258-3000 www.martinsprock "The ONE Y 817-258-3000 Member Member Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit

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