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40 SportsTurf | June 2014 Tools & Equipment For more information on these and other products, please visit New mower from Masport The Rotarola from Masport is a 21-inch aluminum deck mower with a rear roller specifically designed for mowing at lower heights and striping. Cutting range with this mower is ½" to 2 ¾" and the whole machine is set with a single handle height of cut adjustment lever. The solid rear roller leaves a crisp stripe behind for a dynamic finish. The Rotarola combines the quality cut and clean stripe of a reel mower with the ease of use and low maintenance of a rotary. It is powered by the Briggs and Stratton 850 Pro Series 190cc engine and features a rear collection bag, adjustable wheel bearings and an upturned and padded handle. Seago International Companion fungicide has easier packaging Companion is a very unique product formulated to fight a broad range of soil and leaf fungal disease. It has been called by leading researchers the most consistent and reliable biological on the market. Protecting the contents; packaging has always been an important part of our quality control, making sure that Companion gets to our customers in good condition, and remains so. Our NEW packing does just that and more! A new ROYAL Blue bottle protects the product from UV light, and the industry favorite design, an F-style handle, is easy to use and pour, making it the perfect packaging choice. The heavy HDPE material will survive the toughest handling and worst storage conditions. It's available in 4 different package sizes, so that it meets the needs of both smaller and larger users. And don't forget our larger 30 gal drum quantities for our larger end-user. Growth Products New design for utility carts: OxCart A next-generation utility cart designed to move heavy loads with a riding mower, OxCart is now available for turf professionals. Featuring an innovative, exclusive power-assist lift, OxCart reduces dumping effort by up to 90 percent. The only cart dynamically tested by an independent certified lab to three times the capacity of typical dumpcarts, OxCart offers durability, greater safety and dramatically increased ease of use. Other innovative features include: run-flat tractor-grade turf tires to move heavy loads rut-free; an offset dump pivot, eliminating harsh and abrupt dump release caused by heavy loads shifting; and a full mandrel bend steel axle support to provide high clearance and super strength to hold and move heavy loads OxCart New approach to ejecting geese Rather than resorting to drastic means to protect their playing fields and campuses, a growing number of athletic directors and groundskeepers are fighting back with an eco-friendly, EPA-approved goose repellent called FlightControl Plus. This spray-on solution is odorless, waterproof, and does not harm humans or vegetation. It uses an environmentally safe compound called anthranquinone formulated by Arkion Life Sciences. "FlightControl Plus continuously protects playing fields from geese because it gives geese a stomach ache, teaching them to avoid treated grassy areas the way you would avoid a restaurant that gave you a bad case of stomach upset," explains Joseph Tortola, founder of Northeast Ohio Geese Management. "The treated grass looks different to them so they avoid it on sight." Arkion Life Sciences Netafim USA unveils new smart irrigation controllers Developed exclusively for Netafim by Tucor, the Netafim Landscape Controllers (NLC) are powerful, multi-function landscape controllers expressly designed to maximize the water efficiency of any landscape, while reducing the time, labor and costs incurred when expanding a system into new areas of the landscape. Setting a new precedent for landscape water-use effi- ciency, the NLC controllers determine the unique watering needs of a specific landscape by incorporating both historical and current weather data as well as real-time data from soil moisture sensors that monitor the amount of moisture available to plants in each zone. Netafim Replace mass with science in turf base system UltraBaseSystems Champion is a patented STRUCTURALLY engineered sub base replacement system used for the installation of any synthetic turf. Our panel is designed to dramatically reduce the need for extensive site preparation both indoors and outdoors, creating a base structure capable of supporting enormous loads while greatly improving impact requirements. The results are a SAFER playing surface. High flow volumes both vertically and horizontally are achieved with UBS Champion creating a system capable of rapidly directing rainwater away from the turf and the players. Replace mass with science. Measuring 5.44 sq feet, the same area as the UBS Standard panel yet weighing 40% less, this .75 inch panel is built for strength and priced to impress. UltraBaseSystems

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