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COMMERCIAL CARRIER JOURNAL | JUNE 2014 69 PR ODUC TS N E W Oil stain remover Valspar's Oil Stain Remover is formulated to lift oil stains quickly from concrete, brick and asphalt and also to serve as a pre - paratory component for concrete painting or staining projects. Valspar, www.valsparpaint. com, 866-222-8714, Text INFO to 205-289-3554 or visit www.ccjdigi- Roll cart Snap-on's KRSC43 Roll Cart has more than 22,000 cubic inches of space for tools. The split-top de - sign slides out from the center to provide access to a 7-inch-deep top compart- ment to organize large sockets or use as a charging station for power-tool batteries. Snap-on,, 877-762- 7664, Text INFO to 205-289-3554 or visit Brake drum Webb Wheel Aftermarket's Vortex Unlimited brake drum features the com- pany's wear indicators and Cool Running Technology vents designed to conduct heat away from brakes and increase airflow to fa- cilitate cooler operating temperatures, improved braking performance and longer drum life. Webb Wheel Products,, 256-775-7548, Text INFO to 205-289-3554 or visit Air fresheners RoadPro's Ninja Odor Fighters are a line of in-vehicle air fresheners consisting of Dual-Scented Vent Clips, Adjustable 2-Pack Vent Clips, 3-D Hanging Scent Pods, Standard Scent Danglers and a Spray Bottle. The products come in a va - riety of scents, includ- ing Cologne, New Car, Mint, Cotton, Tropical Berry, Marine, Fresh Linen, Cedar, Vanilla and Ocean. Ninja Odor Fighters, www.nin-, 717-964-3642, Text INFO to 205-289-3554 or visit Air brake hose repair kit Tramec Sloan's Quick-Fix air brake hose repair kit for ½-inch hoses has a permanent live swivel and all-brass construction of the sleeve and pre-greased barb. The kit will repair two damaged ½-inch rubber air brake lines and is available with pre-applied thread sealant and 3 /8- or ½-inch male fittings for use with ½-inch rubber hose. Tramec Sloan,, 616-395-5600, Text INFO to 205-289-3554 or visit

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