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they still offer tranquility and a relaxed atmosphere," he says. Stacked pavers with a recess basin and bubbler are an option. Ben Bowen, landscape manager for Ross NW Water- gardens (rossnwwatergardens. com) in Portland, Oregon, and a Landscaper of the Year fi nalist, suggests installing a small bub- bler or something formal. "The bubble style works with a small footprint, and you don't generate too much splash," Bowen says. "Formal water features give you the most control over the wash and splash." Low-maintenance features, like pondless installs, are also growing in popularity, Bowen says. Another trending style is a variation on the drilled-column water feature. When working around pools, Ingrassia likes to install retaining walls with sheer descents that come out of the wall. The water could recycle through the pool or recirculating basin. In tight spots, he suggests using casted rock that's backed with rebar and is structurally sound. "If it's small and they want a huge water feature, try to make it look more natural," Ingrassia says. "If they want high water features, boulders are good. But, you need the castings for rein- forcement." His go-to material, glass fi ber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels can be used for vertical and retaining walls. Lively pairs To make the feature pop, landscapers can add a variety of plants and complementary additions that really liven up the space. "Plants are so vital to make the feature look natural and make it pop," Ingrassia says. Ingrassia uses low-growing Ball Harbor juniper, groundcov- ers like sedums, hostas, fountain grasses and Japanese maples. "There's something about the red cutleaf maple that's so ap- pealing," he says. "The maple J U N E 2 014 To t a l L a n d s c a p e C a r e . c o m 2 9 cover story This Blue Thumb fountain was created using an Achelous AquaBox, 1,300-gph PondBuilder Mag-Drive Pump and 43-inch-tall ceramic vase. To drown out the city noise, Magee Design installed this feature in Arlington, Virginia.

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