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JUNE 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 31 BEAUTY & CRAFTSMANSHIP YOU CAN AFFORD! STAIR SYSTEMS WOOD FLOORING FLOOR REFINISHING TRIM WORK FREE ESTIMATES 608-467-2551 Shotwell's recorded interviews in a vari- ety of media. Take for example an inter- active sculpture by Joe Kerman who spent studio time at Sector 67 modifying an old telephone; when a viewer dials a number they hear excerpts from the interviews. In contrast, Briony Morrow-Cribbs (below), who received her MFA from UW Madison and subsequently taught etching there, made a hand-tinted etch- ing in which two nuzzling human-lizard hybrids are her answer to the question "Is there a language of love?" "Galatea Dreams in Ivory," a mono- type by Jody Scott Chandler (right) suggesting that a powerful imagination is the artist's answer to Shotwell's ques- tion: "What are the virtues that you bring to love?" Chandler's response: "Love or OURLOVERISLIKEˬDREˬMˬǠCTIONWEMˬY at times feel tempted to disbelieve." His piece refers to the myth of Pygmalion, a sculptor who had long eschewed love but succumbed to the powerful emotion when he fell in love with one of his own carved creations; Aphrodite turned the statue into a real woman, named Galatea, and the couple married. Christine Dehlinger, from OngaArt, COLLˬBORˬTEDWITHHERDˬUGHTER&MMˬ (right) on a piece about love between a parent and a child. Dehlinger also con- tributed a piece of colored melted wax on canvas titled "Tat Tvam Asi," which IS4ˬNSKRITFORnŀˬTŀOU"RToTHˬTˬS Dehlinger explains on her website, "rep- resents the consciousness that we are not separate beings, but that we are one, love." –Karin Wolf Enjoy the exhibit at Café Zoma, 2326 Atwood Ave. and Absolutely Art, 2322 Atwood Ave., Madison On a heavyhearted note, after nine years of supporting local artists, Absolutely Art will close at the end of June. "A Discourse on Love" and "Re-Art SWAP," June 22, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. will be its last exhibits.

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