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JUNE 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 55 -USTŀE:8$"RECENTLYFEˬTURED"LVˬRˬDOˬSITSSPEˬKERˬT THE$IRCLEOF8OMENLUNCHEONrITWˬSTHEǠRSTTIMESHETˬLKED about her own feelings in front of a large group. She followed it up by speaking at the YWCA's Moxie Conference in May. And Alvarado's looking for more opportunities. "She is a mom, a business owner, a member of our commu- nity. And she wants to offer her perspective from those roles, so everyone can relate and feel there's a place to get involved. She's TˬLKINGˬBOUTSOMEOFTHEDIǝCULTTOPICSTHˬTMˬYCOINCIDE with skin color, like what a person makes, the type of job they have, their religion and even the roadblocks or opportunities FORSOME#UTSHEmSˬLSOLISTENINGFORˬNSWERSBECˬUSESHERE- ally wants to be a part of the solution," Lust says. "Sara is a true advocate for change." ŀEREITISˬGˬINŀEWORDCHˬNGE -OOKBˬCKˬT"LVˬRˬDOmSHISTORYˬNDITmSˬMˬZINGTODISCOVER the number of times she chose change in an effort to move her- self forward. "I'm feeling like there's a reason for the way my journey is playing out," Alvarado says. "So, I'm going to keep talking about what is troubling Madison, while pushing for change." It's the same thing that's always motivated her. And now she believes it can motivate an entire community to move forward… and change. Read the racial disparity report at Read Alvarado's blog for her personal reflections and posts on the report. About Alvarado: A Quick Q & A What did you want to be when you grew up? I remember when I was about 10 years old, I wanted to be famous. But by college, I didn't care about that anymore, and just wanted to travel. I settled on a major in Spanish, and lived in Mexico for three years. What was your worst job? Right after college I moved to L.A. and found a corporate position, but quit after 30 days. It's the first and last corporate job I'll ever work. Have you made a spontaneous decision that still makes you smile? A friend dared me to go skydiving. So I did, without even thinking about it. Do you have a favorite place to get away from it all? Puerto Vallarta! My husband's family lives there so it's wonderful when we visit. Someday I hope to get away from it all by going to India, Pakistan and Thailand. What do you enjoy doing as a way to wind down? I love to read. It's often one of the last things I do before I go to sleep. My favorite books tend to be travel, spiritual or business focused. I just finished "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brené Brown. It's an inspiring read about becoming your real self, instead of being the person you think you are supposed to be. What's one thing you would like to do in the future? Write my own book. I started writing a blog, almost on a whim. But I'm finding I have a lot to say, and maybe someday it will all end up in my book.

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