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SKIRTING & FOUNDATION PANELS 1855 Big Tree Road, Lakewood, NY 14750 • e-mail: 716.763.1825 • 800.854.7657 • Fax 716.763.0080 R-COTEC Skirting Systems offers even greater energy savings with our NEW 2" panel system! Along with the original 1" panel that has an R-5 insulation value, our 2" panel almost doubles that to an R-9.5! R-COTEC panels are a higher EPS density, 1-1/8" thick or 2-1/8" thick and surface coated in a variety of brick, stone, and stucco colors. Panels come in four sizes: 24, 30, 36 & 48" high by 48" wide and is self- supported with a steel framework. An R-COTEC skirting installation will not only reduce your utility costs, but also keeps your crawl space dry and clean. • The R-COTEC skirting package is complete. All you have to supply is necessary screws to attach to home and installation labor. • The R-COTEC skirting system has been installed all over the country for over 18 years. Add a matching chimney surround and R-CO Steps to your home to complete a customized aesthetic appeal. R-COTEC SKIRTING - many times imitated, never duplicated! NEW 2" PANEL SYSTEM! k GREATER impact resistance k GREATER insulation value k GREATER blow out resistance k GREATER protection for shallow foundation systems k GREATER fire protection - Class "A" rated STEEL CORNER PLATE SKIRTING PANEL 1" OR 2" STEEL JOINING & SUPPORT CHANNEL STEEL EXPANSION CHANNEL ACCESS PANEL 1" OR 2" BASE CHANNEL BASE CHANNEL STEEL ACCESS PANEL POST The Original The Original No. 9 on Get It Quick Page

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