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July 2014

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35 AGGREGATES MANAGER July 2014 C O S C S S S C 1 . 8 8 8 . 8 6 2 . 7 4 6 1 w w w. b e k a - l u b e . c o m The extra uptime is FREE! Lower costs for parts and service will pay back your investment fast with Beka-Max automatic lubrication systems... and there's no extra charge for the added productivity from your equipment! ŗ More production, less unscheduled downtime ŗ Longer life for critical components ŗ Expert factory support with dealers nationwide Be a cool operator qR@KDRG@LLNMC@BBNLqVVVG@LLNMC@BBNL When you work hard in small spaces, you need AC big time! 6HSGNUDQCHEEDQDMSJHSRDMFHMDDQDC@MC CDUDKNODCBNTMSNMArctic Wolf™ENQE@BSNQXRSXKD HMSDFQ@SDC@HQBNMCHSHNMHMFRXRSDLRHMQD@CXSNjS JHSR+N@CDQR#NYDQR$WB@U@SNQR&Q@CDQR3Q@BSNQR (EXNTQDPTHOLDMSG@R@MDMFHMD@MC@B@Aon itVD B@MOTSBNNK@HQinto it Call today. 1-800-2 MR COOL or go online at @MCNQCDQXNTQRXRSDL@MC O@QSRSNC@X New 300 tph Bulk Material Handling & Conveying Equip. Conveyors & Support Systems Bucket Elevators Bin GatFTtGrating 937-325-1511 t FAX 937-322-1963 SPRINGFIELD, OHIO 0$18)$&785,1*&2 Marketplace 7H[W,1)2WR RUYLVLWZZZDJJPDQFRPLQIR NEW WEBSITE!

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