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EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT 27 AGGREGATES MANAGER August 2014 of the fl ow meter and density meter. As magnetic fl ow meters are exposed and wear, the eff ect can change the accuracy. It is important to calibrate fl ow meters upon installation and during annual service. Nuclear density meters rely on variable material amounts to inter- rupt the scintillator's crystal pickup of the nuclear source. When ma- terial interrupts the path from the source to the crystal, oscillation is aff ected, which, in turn, becomes a weaker electrical signal. is can be calculated into density based on the dry specifi c gravity of the ma- terial being read. For accurate computation, an operator must know the material count (specifi c gravity off set) of the media (pond, lake, channel, river). ese setup values are entered as fi xed parameters. Conclusions Each dredging operator or dredge owner should have a good downtime database or method to validate his individual downtime occurrences and reasons. You can't control what you don't measure. is would certainly shed light on the amount of downtime and the cost of issues due to control or electronic equipment failures. I'm certain if this downtime was measured, management would recognize the need for skilled technicians with the ability to react to and resolve issues associated with the evolving automation and controls found on today's dredges. AM Jay Wise is the owner of Baltimore-based Kruse Integration. He has 35 years of experience in industrial automation, with 20 years in dredge automation. Fluke 773 clamp-on ma signal meter CUSTOM LUBE TRUCKS BECAUSE NOT EVERY JOB SITE IS THE SAME. 877-OIL-VACS WWW.SAGEOILVAC.COM 7H[W,1)2WRRUYLVLWZZZDJJPDQFRPLQIR

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