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To order call or visit: s WWW!GG-AN!TLASCOM NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU Printed version of the !GGREGATES -ANAGER !GGREGATES )NDUSTRY !TLAS Then you'll want its companion… !TLAS ON #$ While the printed version of the Aggregates Manager 2014 Aggregates Industry Atlas, will become an integral part of doing your job, perhaps you'll need additional information about companies listed in the atlas. !TLAS 0RINTED 6ERSION #$2/- $!4! &),% If so, we have the perfect companion, the !TLAS ON #$, which contains information about mine locations, types of rock mined, GPS coordinates, pertinent facts about companies listed in the atlas, and more. e !TLAS ON #$, which contains compete information on more than 11,000 operations in the United States in a data fi le as well as the entire 2014 Aggregates Industry Atlas in pdf format. Order additional copies of the !GGREGATES -ANAGER 2014 !GGREGATES )NDUSTRY !TLAS ON #$ or the printed version of the !TLAS today! 1-5 copies $50 per copy 6-20 copies $45 per copy 21-49 copies $35 per copy 50 copies or more $20 per copy $250 Plus shipping and handling. Shipping: $4.50 per Atlas $.70 per CD $8.00 Handling Fee $200 (online download only)

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