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20 BRAVA MAGAZINE | AUGUST 2014 THRIVE WELLBEING Summer's in high gear, and everyone is looking for a place to swim. But with swimming, comes the danger of drown- ing—the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 to 4, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Pre- VENTION0NEINǠVEPEOPLEWHODIEFROM drowning are children 14 and younger, the CDC reports. Parents also need to be on the lookout for symptoms of a lesser known haz- ard called secondary or dry drowning, which affects those who survived being submerged in water but then develop DR. MOM SECONDARY DROWNING troubling symptoms later. Secondary drowning happens after WˬTERISINHˬLEDˬNDǢUIDBUILDSUPINTHE lungs; known as pulmonary edema. It MˬYLEˬDTOBREˬTHINGDIǝCULTIESˬLTERED mental status, long-term brain injury from lack of oxygen, and may even cause death if untreated. Both children and adults are susceptible to secondary drowning with the symp- toms developing minutes to hours fol- lowing water submersion, no matter how quickly the person was rescued. Often, the child may appear to have recovered from the initial event but then develops ˬCOUGHBREˬTHINGDIǝCULTIESEXTREME fatigue, chest pain or altered mental sta- tus. At the onset of these symptoms, seek immediate medical care at the nearest emergency department. Medical treatment of secondary drown- ing includes providing supplemental oxygen, supporting a child's respirations with extra pressure or a ventilator, and USINGMEDICˬTIONTOHELPCLEˬRTHEǢUID from the lungs. –Dr. Nicole L. Baumann- Blackmore is a pediatrician at Meriter Hospital. EATING THE ALKALINE WAY: RECIPES FOR A WELL- BALANCED HONESTLY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Learn the benefits of main- taining healthy PH levels and reducing acid-producing foods, such as wheat, dairy and beef, with an alkaline lifestyle. This read comes complete with info, tips and tasty recipes included. By Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson. Published by Jacqui Small LLP. GREEN SMOOTHIES & PROTEIN DRINKS Going green will go great with the help of this book jam- packed with info and recipes that teach how green smoothies can supplement your diet, fill you up with nutrients and help you achieve your health and fitness goals. By Jason Manheim. Published by Skyhorse Publishing. RECIPES FOR HEALTH BOOKS THE HEALTHY JUICER'S BIBLE: LOSE WEIGHT, DETOXIFY, FIGHT DISEASE, AND LIVE LONG Discover all the health benefits juicing offers with this lengthy read full of valuable tips and recipes to help make juicing a part of your daily lifestyle. By Farnoosh Brock. Published by Skyhorse Publishing. FAST, FRESH & GREEN: MORE THAN 90 DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR VEGGIE LOVERS Incorporate a healthful variety of vegetables into your meals in ways you never imagined using this book's inventive recipes—and with 75 percent of them vegetarian, you'll have no excuse to not eat your veggies. By Susie Middleton. Published by Chronicle Books LLC. –Samantha Smallish

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