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StateWays is the only magazine exclusively covering the control state system within the beverage alcohol industry, with annual updates from liquor control commissions and alcohol control boards and yearly fiscal reporting from control jurisdictions

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BY CHERYL URSIN ore than 2,000 years ago, an ancient Greek philosopher said, “The only constant is change.” Nowhere is that more true than at control-state agencies. Governors and legislators come and go. Economic conditions continually cycle. Restaurants and bars go into and out of business. Suppliers are always introducing new products. And there is always a new generation, itching to turn 21. The challenge for control state agencies is to continue to fulfill their missions even as conditions change. And these days, for state agencies of all types, across the country, the biggest challenge is The Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s five commissioners: (top) Bob Rice, Alex Duarte, Ron Roome, (bottom) Michael Harper, Sr. and Cass SkinnerLopata. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JONI KABANA 16 StateWays s s July/August 2011

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