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October 2014

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Ad Index Alliance 800-385-4357 3 American Trucking Association 19 Automann, Inc. 888-288-6626 9 BorgWarner 800-787-6464 10 Centric Parts 626-961-5775 23 Chevron 800-822-5823 FC Cummins, Inc. 800-343-7357 13 Dorman Products 5 Emerson Manufacturing 800-633-5124 33 Euclid 888-725-9355 IBC Federal Mogul Corporation 800-325-8886 28 Federal Mogul Corporation 800-325-8886 29 Fowler Petroleum 844-366-8204 21 Gabriel Heavy Duty 800-999-3903 11 Gates Rubber Company 27 HDAW 31 Meritor, Inc. 800-668-5560 34 Meritor, Inc. 888-725-9355 IFC Minimizer 800-248-3855 24 Minimizer 800-248-3855 32 Prestone Corporation 800-890-2075 8 Rig Dig 800-633-5953 37 SAF-Holland, Inc. 888- 396-6501 15 Shell Lubricants 800-231-6950 BC SKF Automotive Division 800-882-0008 7 VIPro Truck Force 800-494-4731 35 Classifi ed Ads GoNMF 38 FinditParts 888-535-2635 38 Midwest Truck Parts 800-934-2727 38 Direct Equipment Supply Company 800-992-1478 38 Frontier Truck Parts 866-241-2110 38 Rig Dig 800-633-5953 39 S & S Truck Parts, Inc. 800-621-1558 38 S & S Truck Parts, Inc. 800-621-1558 39 Water Cannon 800-333-9274 38 Company Phone Number Page Company Phone Number Page FREE Product Information TEXT INFO to CALL VISIT SCAN 205-289-3544 Text and data rates may apply. The advertiser's number is listed right on this page! This advertisers' index is a service to readers. Although every effort is made to maintain accuracy, Truck Parts & Service cannot assume responsibility for errors or omissions. AN INDUSTRY TRIPLE PLAY FROM AUTOMANN Automann off ers three reference catalogs: t Air Spring: 250 pages with more than 500 air springs, bellows charts and extensive cross references. t Steering: 408 pages with more than 1,200 detailed pictures, progressive size and OEM charts and an index with more than 6,000 cross references. t Suspension: 1,432 pages with more than 300 schematics across 47 makes, including 35 new models. More than 3,500 detaled pictures, dozens of charts and OEM and industry cross references. Automann USA Text INFO to 205-289-3544 or visit HEAVYDUTY WHEEL ALIGNMENT CATALOG Bee Line has introduced a catalog highlighting its heavy- duty wheel alignment equipment. This full-color brochure fea- tures the company's LC7000 series laser guided computer alignment gauging system, the 22000 Rear Axle Aligner and the Smart Balancer II. Also highlighted are the company's on-the-fl oor alignment confi gurations and its mobile alignment system, as well as various alignment accessories. Action photos show how each product is used and detailed information accompanies each photo. Bee Line Text INFO to 205-289-3544 or visit Sponsored Product Spotlight Need informa- tion regarding the critical components you should consider replacing on your next brake job? The new Meritor Brake Job Critical-Review Tech Tip Sheet provides the information you need to know. It includes all of the critical data needed when replacing brake drums, slack adjusters shoes/linings, brake chambers and camshafts. To make sure you have the infor- mation you need to make the right decisions, download the Meritor Brake Job Critical-Review Tech Tip Sheet at and type "SP-14137" into the Search fi eld. Text INFO to 205-289-3544 or visit Meritor, Inc. MERITOR® BRAKE JOB CRITICAL REVIEW TECH TIP SHEET BRAKES MODULE ONE TECH TIPS ■ Brake Drums ■ Slack Adjusters ■ Shoes/Linings ■ Brake Chambers ■ Camshafts I n c l u d e s : BRAKE JOB CRITICAL-REVIEW COMPONENTS Brake Drums ■ The maximum allowable brake drum diameter is stamped or cast into the outer edge of the drum. Place a brake drum diameter gauge inside the drum. Take several measurements within 90 degrees of each other at the open and closed edges of the drum's friction surface t*GBOZPGUIFTFNFBTVSFNFOUTBSFJODISFQMBDFUIFCSBLFESVN t*GBCSBLFESVNJTPVUPGSPVOESFQMBDFUIFESVN Slack Adjusters ■7FSJGZUIFSFUBJOJOHCPMUPSTOBQSJOHJTDPSSFDUMZTFDVSFEJOUIFDBNTIBGU ■$IFDLTMBDLBEKVTUFSHFBSUPSRVFoVTFBMCJOUPSRVFXSFODIBOEUVSO adjusting nut counterclockwise t*GUIFUPSRVFWBMVFJTMFTTUIBOMCJOBTZPVSPUBUFHFBSTMBDL BEKVTUFSJTPQFSBUJOHDPSSFDUMZ t*GUIFUPSRVFWBMVFFYDFFETMCJOBTZPVSPUBUFHFBSSFQMBDFTMBDL adjuster Shoes/Linings ■ Measure lining wear. Linings must have a greater than ¼" UIJDLOFTTBUUIFDFOUFSPGUIFCSBLFMJOJOH*OTQFDUGPSDSBDLT TFQBSBUJPOGSPNUIFCSBLFTIPFUBCMFBOEMPPTFSJWFUT ■"MXBZTVTFOFXCSBLFTIPFIBSEXBSFoSPMMFSTSPMMFSSFUBJOFSTBOESFUVSOTQSJOHT ■*OTQFDUDBNTIBGUTBOEDBNTIBGUCVTIJOHTGPSXFBS ■ RSD brake assemblies must be serviced with RSD brake shoe and lining assemblies to NBJOUBJOCSBLJOHDBQBCJMJUZ6TFPGOPO34%GSJDUJPONBUFSJBMDPVMEOFHBUJWFMZJNQBDUUIF safe operation of the vehicle ■ Replace all wheel seals

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