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StateWays Q Q November/December 2014 16 B R A N D S P O T L I G H T Russian Diamond Partnership R SG Trading, LLP has formed a sales and marketing alliance with DUN Beverage Partners, LLC, bringing the Russian Diamond Vodka brand to the U.S. marketplace. Russian Diamond marries the 57 facets in a diamond to the 57 steps of fi ltration, showcasing a diamond-cut package with an Italian fabric label. The vodka is crafted from a wheat and rye blend in the Rodnik distillery in Moscow and is positioned as a premium vodka designed for young professionals. Space-Aged Whisky Returns To Earth A fter circling the earth more than 15,000 times in three years onboard the International Space Station, vials of Ardbeg whisky were returned safely to earth in September. The unmatured malt was launched in 2011 in the hopes of studying the effects of microgravity on the maturation process. The whisky was mixed with bits of charred oak to simulate the maturation process, and an identical control sample was housed at Ardbeg's Islay distillery. After touching down in Kazakhstan, the vials were transported to Houston for initial study and then onto New York City for a public unveiling. Ardbeg presented a night of Whisky Exploration on Oct. 23 at The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, where a diverse group of whisky fans offi cially welcomed back the vials. The experiment was done in partnership with space research company NanoRacks, and their Managing Director, Jeffrey Manber, ceremonially handed over the vials to Ardbeg's Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, Dr. Bill Lumsden. From New York, the vials returned to Islay for further study. After the offi cial fi ndings are published, Ardbeg will auction off the space vials to a lucky whisky enthusiast. Grey Goose Announces Out-Of-This-World Partnership N ot to be outdone by Ardbeg, Grey Goose is also going to space. The vodka maker has teamed with Virgin Galactic, the pioneering commercial spacefl ight company founded by Richard Branson. As Virgin Galactic welcomes the fi rst commercial passengers into space, Grey Goose will bring this space journey to life through a range of out-of-this-world experiences, exclusive content and a series of limited edition promotions. This will be complemented with exclusive sponsorship activity at the Virgin Galactic launch location at Spaceport America, New Mexico. For those who will be experiencing the commercial space fl ights, exceptional signature cocktails will toast the new era of space travel planned for 2015. Don Q Unveils New Packaging D estilería Serrallés, Inc., as it approaches its 150th Anniversary, has refreshed its fl agship brand Don Q with new packaging, paying homage to its heritage with a retro look fi lled with character and inspiration. Drawing on its 149 years of history crafting exceptional rums, the look and feel of the new package features classic lines and elegant graphics that go in line with the values that have guided the Serrallés family rum-making tradition for six generations. The unveiling of the new packaging is set to roll-out through distributor partners, and the campaign will be supported by a multi- million dollar media campaign featuring television, billboards, print, as well as on and off premise integrations, all supported by social media.

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