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Page 6 of 51 December 2014 | SportsTurf 7 President's Message David J. Pinsonneault, CSFM, CPRP Direct Mail List Sales MeritDirect, Jim Scova Phone: (914) 368-1012 Subscription Services Phone: (847) 763-9565 Fax: (847) 763-9569 Reprints Robin Cooper Group Publisher David Voll Account Representatives: Chris Pelikan Senior Account Manager - East Phone: (954) 964-8676 Peggy Tupper Senior Account Manager - Mid-West Phone: (763) 383-4429 Leslie Palmer Senior Account Manager - West Phone: (248) 731-7596 Publisher's Notice: We Assume No Responsibility For The Validity Of Claims In Connection With Items Appearing In Sportsturf. Reader Service Numbers Are Given To Facilitate Further Inquiry. Mention Of A Commercial Product Does Not Imply Endorsement By Sportsturf Or Specialty Information Media, Or Preference Over Similar Products Not Mentioned. C hristmas will be here in a few weeks, and one can- not help but think of lists. Many of us make lists for certain things to help keep us focused, keep us organized and to inspect our work. This time of year it is always good to make a list of the things you accom- plished, a list of the things you did not get to, a list of future projects, and a list of what resources you will need for 2015. Gaining respect, being recognized as a professional, and garnering resources are always easier if you have a list of facts to present to your decision makers. This season we can also reflect on a more personal note as we all need to assess the past year and determine if we are on the nice or the naughty list. Hopefully by providing safe playable fields, acting in a professional and courteous manner, being active in STMA, and giving it your all puts you on the nice list. We also need to think of the things over the past year that may have qualified us for the naughty list. Did you spend time with your interns or take them for granted and not take the time to teach them? Did you spend time with your employees or did you skip over them and not listen to their input about how the work is going or not listen to their ideas and suggestions? Did you say no to a user group just because? We can all use these examples as learning moments to help us be the go-to professionals we are meant to be so that our user groups and supervisors will keep us on their nice list. This is also a season of giving and receiv- ing gifts and developing a wish list. Are the gifts we receive on the wish list or are they on the "I did not want that gift" list? We should develop a wish list for more employ- ees, more supplies, better equipment, proper training, networking opportunities, more recognition and more support. If we have done our job we can positon ourselves to achieve and obtain some of the things on our wish list. Some things we may not want or wish for are snow the day before a big game, an irrigation system going off during a game, white grubs, ineffective employees and overuse to name a few (to see what some peers want for Christmas, see page 38). STMA is a resource (gift) that can help to provide information, support, network- ing and resources to help you do your job. Hopefully you can attend the upcoming conference in Denver and use ideas and face time to help develop and implement your wish lists. Hope to see you there! I wish each of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy Holiday Season. ■ On the list

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