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WORLD FENCE NEWS • FEBRUARY 2015 • 39 Snow fence stolen near Arizona ski resort PHOENIX — In December, nearly $400,000 (estimated replac- ment cost) of snow fencing was sto- len from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) in the White Mountains – costing taxpayers and potentially making it more difficult to keep State Route 273 near Sunrise ski resort open during blizzard-like con- ditions this winter, ADOT said. ADOT reported missing more than 100 snow fence panels along SR 273, between the SR 260 junction west of Springerville and the turnoff to the Sunrise ski area in the Apache County/White Mountains region. The fences are designed to pre- vent snow from drifting across the highway, which helps ADOT save time and resources in clearing snow and ice off the road surface, and as- sists efforts to keep the roadway from being closed due to driifting snow. The panels, which are approxi- mately 16 feet wide and 12 feet high, are primarily located along rolling grass hills and other big, open areas where there aren't trees to provide a natural wind break. The snow fence panels, which are made mostly of aluminum, may be headed for Valley scrapyards, the Arizona Department of Public Safety noted. If the materials cannot be recovered the ADOT estimates it will cost taxpay- ers some $400,000 to replace a num- ber of panels of snow fence such as the one shown above that were stolen along State Route 273. (ADOT photo) )BeYWj_edi jeI[hl[Oekh 9ecfWdoÊiD[[Zi X 9^[ij[hÓ[bZJmf"C? '#.&&#-.)#'))' 9ehfehWj[ X FehjH_Y^[o"

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