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54 • FEBRUARY 2015 • WORLD FENCE NEWS Market study sees growth in U.S. fence market CLEVELAND, Ohio – A study by market research firm the Freedonia Group, Inc. predicts U.S. demand for fencing to rise 7% annually through 2018. Growth will be driven by a re- bound in building construction and re- modeling, and by more consumer in- terest in high-value fencing materials such as ornamental metal and plastic and composite lumber, the study says. Demand should reach $9 billion in 2018, totaling 875 million linear feet. Advances will be spurred by a re- bound in building construction spend- ing from a low 2013 base. Demand for fencing in the largest market – residential construction – is forecast to rise at an above-average pace through 2018, fueled by a strong rebound in housing completions. The residential improvement and repair segment will further support demand advances as homeowners who put off or canceled home im- provement projects during the 2007- 2009 recession and its aftermath un- dertake such projects going forward. Some homeowners will install or repair fences to improve the exterior appearance of their properties or to enhance privacy. Nonresidential building construc- tion applications are expected to see the most rapid advances in fencing demand of all markets through 2018, reaching $2.3 billion, the study said. Strong gains in nonresidential building construction expenditures will spur growth. The office and commercial con- struction segment will see the most rapid advances in fencing demand as owners of casinos, hotels, resorts, re- tail sites, and shopping malls install fencing to create security barriers, delineate parking areas, and enhance privacy in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The Freedonia report stated that, among the different fencing materials, the concrete and plastic and compos- ite fencing segments are expected to see the most rapid gains in demand in value terms through 2018. Concrete fencing demand will be boosted by increasing consumer in- terest in durable yet attractive privacy fencing. Demand for plastic and composite fencing will be driven by the popular- ity of these materials as more durable alternatives to wood fencing. Plastic and composite fencing provides lon- ger lifespans and requires less main- tenance than wood fences. The Freedonia industry study, Fencing, presents historical demand data (2003, 2008, 2013) and forecasts (2018, 2023) by product (e.g., metal, wood, plastic and composite, con- crete, gates and accessories), market (e.g., residential, nonresidential build- ings, nonbuilding, agricultural) and U.S. region. The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 35 industry players. For information or to purchase the study, visit, e-mail, phone 440-684-9600 or fax 440-646- 0484. Keep Up With The Misadventures Of Pete, Jake & Luckey Each Month in World Fence News! Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. • • • A man walked into a lawyer's of- fice and asked about the fee. The lawyer responded, "It's $50 for 3 questions." "Isn't that a lot?" asked the man. "Yes," responded the lawyer. "And what's your third question?" • • • Doctor: "You're overweight." Patient: "I think I want a second opinion." Doctor: "OK, you're also ugly." US Patent No: 8,266,771 B2 Our PATENTED KDT Power Twist Tie saves time, and time is money! 9 ga & 6 ga conform to ASTM F626-96A Sizes for 1-5/8 pipe up to 8-5/8 Available in Galv. Class B Coating or less & Aluminized "Affixing the fence fabric to a fence post is an important and repetitive step in most fence installations. For this reason, an inexpensive fence tie that facilitates high quality fastening with reduced time and effort can improve upon the time and cost associated with building fences." – As published in U.S. Patent, KDT Power Twist Tie Look for it at your local supplier or Call 800-749-7181 E-mail: AND MENTION WFN! Keener Dupont Wire Co., LLC Where wire is our only business Only four steps needed to install the KDTwist Saves 20% on installation time! – Move KDTwist to post at a 45° angle; it pops on. – The installer does not have to pry apart legs. Reduces fatigue for the installer. – Smaller opening to close. – Use any power twist tie tool on the market to secure the KDTwist. Special sizes or shapes on request • KDT now available for T-posts Available in 12 ga, 11 ga, 9 ga, 7 ga, 6 ga Power Twist Tie KDT PIGTAIL AND SQUARE KDT AVAILABLE! MEMBER MEMBER

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