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QuadLink™ 4-Channel Battery Charger Multiplier • Add QuadLink to your existing 6- or 12- Volt charger no matter what the brand • Gives your existing charger the capabil- ity to charge up to 4 batteries • Works on any kind of lead-acid battery that your charger can charge • Includes 4 eyelet lug adaptor cables • Includes 4 5' extension leads • Water-resistant It's now possible to maintain four batteries with one charger with QuadLink 4-Chanel Battery Char- ger Multiplier. QuadLink turns any 6-Volt or 12-Volt battery maintenance charger up to 8 Amps (us- ing the standard 2-prong output connector) into a 4-station maintenance charger. You eliminate the cost of three more chargers. Power is supplied by your connected battery charger. You don't need to switch your charger back and forth between vehicles or batteries in storage. QuadLink automatically splits and distributes 10-minute charge segments sequentially from battery to bat- tery. Cycle rotation continues indefinitely. Use it on your cars, light trucks, SUVs, motorcy- cles, small boats and watercraft, lawn equipment, ATVs and even golf carts. The QuadLink can also maintain the state of charge of multiple 6-Volt and 12-Volt batteries in 24-, 36- and 48-Volt series connected configurations. 100X004 XC-QL4 QuadLink Charger/Multiplier 100X825 XC-EXT-25 25' Battery Lead Extension 100X805 XC-EXT-5 5' Battery Lead Extension Specifications Specs Description: 4-channel 6/12V ac Battery Charger Multiplier Input Voltage: 4Vdc to 18Vdc Input Amperage: 8A Max Functional Output Cable Length: 5'9" (per channel) Note: Additional 5' and 25' cable extensions available separately Mounting: Yes, via 4 holes in housing (use housing to mark holes on mounting surface) For use with any brand 5A or smaller 6- or 12-Volt battery maintenance charger 4 www.xtremecharge.com 800-580-7554 A/C CHARGE: QuadLink

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