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38 SportsTurf | March 2015 Russ ChandleR stadium Georgia Tech Category of Submission: College Baseball Sports Turf Managers: Jon DeWitt, CSFM, & Chris May Titles: Sports Turf Manager and Baseball Field Manager Education: DeWitt has a BA in English Experience: DeWitt says, "I had a unique opportunity to move to Atlanta and work at Wesleyan School as both an English teacher and grounds keeper (they were really looking for a ground- skeeper and kindly created a teaching position for me). I quickly discovered that Turf was my calling and moved to managing that campus of 75 acres (12 turf) full-time after my first year. After 7 years at Wesleyan, the sports turf man- ager position at Georgia Tech opened up. They were a little apprehensive about hiring me because of my lack of D1 experience, but ultimately the grounds I maintained at Wesleyan won them over. I have been here since 2007. During that time I earned my CSFM and was presi- dent of the GA chapter of STMA." Full-time staff: 2 Part-time staff: 4 Original construction: 2001 Rootzone: 100% sand Turfgrass variety: TifSport (outfield) & Tifway 419 (infield) Overseed: 17 lbs. perennial ryegrass Champion GQ treated & 10 lbs. peren- nial ryegrass Sunrise, Primo treated (Pennington) Drainage: Field is its own drainage system essentially, with a ½% cone grade; high point is mound transitioning to flat in out- field and foul territory. Also, 10 inches of sand over 4 inches pea gravel, with drain tiles on 20-foot centers in gravel layer. FielD oF the Year

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