March 2015

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FACILITY & OPERATIONS 42 SportsTurf | March 2015 TOOLS & EquIPmENT GT Air Inject is a company with aspirations of supplying the world with the most innovative concept of turf aerification machines. Much pride is taken in the quality of the Air2G2 machine. This machine will revolutionize the turf care and maintenance industry. Through many years of service in Florida, the process of non- disruptive turf aerification has been perfected by the owner and inventor, Glen Black. Early in his college days, Black envisioned a machine that would alleviate soil compaction, while causing no disruption to the playing surface. He honed the concept into an efficient and practical application by servicing numerous golf courses and athletic fields, while observing the impact of the process on the turf over a long period of time. The immediate impact of the Air2G2 aerification process is the relief of surface hardness and increase in soil porosity. This, in turn, promotes the health and safety of the athletes. Ultimately, the increased porosity enables deeper root growth, good micro- bial activity, and better gas exchange. The long term benefit is better plant health. The Air2G2 is a self-propelled pedestrian machine on a three- wheel platform with smooth, flotation type tires. All components of the Air2G2 process are pneumatically powered and controlled by a PLC unit that enables the entire process to be activated by pressing two trigger switches simultaneously. The Air2G2 is a quiet and efficient machine that is easily oper- ated and maintained. The only wear items are the injection probes that enter the soil. These probes are inserted into the soil profile to a depth as shallow as 6 inches and as deep as 12 inches. Compressed air is then injected through the probes, first at the pan layer, then at full depth. This causes a lateral, multi-layer fracturing effect, which creates numerous fissures in the soil profile. The unique results of the Air2G2 are achieved with little or no surface disruption. At GT Air Inject, a dedicated team of people manufac- ture the Air2G2. These people take pride in the fact that the machine is hand-crafted. Every nut, bolt, wire, etc. is touched by a human hand. ■ ST STMA InnovATIve AwArd wInner: GT AIr InjecT/AIr2G2 eco 150 coMpoST SpreAder The ECO 150 compost spreader takes compost topdressing to a whole new level of easiness, ma- neuverability, and efficiency. Ecolawn's new generation applicator is a self-propelled, forward broadcast compost spreader. At 34 inches wide, it is designed for tight places where other applicators find it prob- lematic but will also do larger spaces with ease. Other features are the new conveyor belt that's 2 full inches wider, the Vanguard 6.5 Briggs & Stratton engine that offers a 3 year warranty, lightweight heft (290 lbs), and ergonomically redesigned controls for ease and comfort while operating. Lastly, this new generation spreader boasts an all-new improved polyurethane hop- per designed to eliminate bridging. Ecolawn The AffordAble Zee froM SMIThco One of the big issues a field manager faces is getting his field ready with a limited budget and a limited staff. That's just what the Sand Star ZEE is designed for. Even with standing water, the center-mounted scarifier turns over clay, spread- ing out the water, allowing air and wind to dry out the area. And only the ZEE offers an optional front-mounted plow. Plus the Zee's patented Flex Brush Rear Drag implement can be used in a variety of conditions, from fully raised to fully low- ered or anywhere in between to create solutions for almost any issue. All the while the Flex Brush levels and grooms your field. Plus the ZEE uses a large 22 hp commercial grade engine designed specifically for ZTRs allowing it to run at a lower rpm for peak torque. The Smithco Sand Star ZEE offers you all these solutions to the problems you face every day at a very affordable price. Smithco For more information on these and other products, please visit www.greenmedia

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