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46 APRIL 1, 2015 GOOD FRUIT GROWER New Zealand wind machine is now available in U.S. A portable wind machine developed and manufactured in New Zealand is now being distributed in the United States by Chamberlin Agriculture. The machines can be used in orchards for frost protection, evaporative cooling, or drying the crop before harvest, and can protect up to ten acres at a time. The machines use relatively little fuel (1.5 gal- lons per hour) and are quieter than traditional machines. The impeller can be set to oscillate at any degree or angle allowing the machine to work with the air drift to cover a larger area and to protect specific targeted areas. With the engine positioned at the top of the machine, 85 percent of its power is delivered directly to the impeller. The latest models feature composite metal three-blade impellers, rather than aluminum blades, and DC power packs in place of the lower engine, which drove the hydraulic and rotation functions. The battery serving the power packs is charged when the fan is running and is backed up by solar power. Auto start is an option. For more information, check the websites at and www.towandblow GOOD STUFF A selection of the latest products and services for tree fruit and grape growers Washington Wine Commission releases marketing videos T he Washington Wine Commission has released a new educational marketing video called "Our Story" to visually tell about the state's wine industry, its history, people, and terroir. A consumer version (see it online at 118872484) of the video targets consumers and encour- ages them to visit Washington State, while a second version ( is aimed at the trade audience of wine buyers, sommeliers, and others. Kennewick, Washington, packer earns certification C olumbia Fresh Packing, an apple and cherry packer in Kennewick, Washington, has received U.S. Department of Agriculture certification for Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices. The packing house is located at Cherry Ridge Farms in Kennewick. Cherry Ridge has 100 acres of sweet cherries and ten acres of apples. The company belongs to Columbia Fresh Produce, Inc., located in Walla Walla, Washington, which sells fresh produce nationwide and operates Columbia Fresh Transportation in Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado. CHAMBERLIN AGRICULTURE Toll-Free: 877-552-4828 909-464-1373 • Fax: 909-464-1603 For your nearest dealer, contact: TrellisLok prevents lateral move- ment of vertical stems and branches. It can be adjusted for p l a n t g r o w t h t o a m a x i m u m diameter of 3-1/2". It is removable and reusable. Attaches to 10 to14 gauge wire. The BranchLok™ is used for lateral training of trellised branches and cordons to 12-14 gauge wire. Branchlok™ is available in three lengths: 2½", 3¼", 3 ¾". Patent No. 4,665,000 TRELLISLOK™ BRANCHLOK™ There are many good reasons for growers to use NU FILM 17 ® NU FILM 17 has been used as a sticker- spreader on apples and tree fruits for over 35 years. During this period, it has demonstrated one very important thing… NU FILM 17 ® Is Consistent & Reliable In Its Performance NU FILM 17 is the best value insurance you can buy to protect expensive pesticides and help them perform properly under various weather conditions. Since it is gentle to the crop, NU FILM 17 has not caused russet or other problems. Others may say they have similar products, but put your trust in those company consultants that recommend NU FILM 17. They are watching out for your bottom line. For additional information or for the phone number of your local Miller representative, call: 800-233-2040 Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corp. Hanover, PA 17331 ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL INSTRUCTIONS NU FILM 17 ®

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