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waterwelljournal.com 26 April 2015 WWJ W ater Well Journal sat down recently to chat with National Ground Water Association Chief Executive Officer Kevin McCray, CAE, who has been appointed to the federal Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee. The committee, which is under the U.S. Department of Commerce, is charged with developing actionable rec- ommendations to improve the export competitiveness of environmental tech- nologies. In addition to representing NGWA, McCray will represent the trade association segment of the nation's environmental technology sector. McCray's appointment is effective immediately and runs through August 18, 2016. "Your work will strengthen our ef- forts under the ongoing Environmental Export Initiative, as well as the National Export Initiative," U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said in a note to McCray. "My team and I look forward to working with you to advance our common goals." McCray says he welcomes the oppor- tunity to generate business for the mem- bers of trade associations involved in environmental technologies. "There are vast markets for U.S. en- vironmental technology products and expertise, and I am committed to maxi- mizing such opportunities for members of NGWA and other trade associations," he says. "Our country has been a leader in addressing many environmental chal- lenges, and what we have learned and produced as a result is very marketable to the world." The ETTAC was established by Con- gress in 1994 under the Jobs Through Trade Expansion Act. McCray has been the CEO of NGWA since 1995 and also serves in the same role for the National Ground Water Research and Educa- tional Foundation, also known as NGWREF, which is focused on conducting educational, research, and other charitable activities related to a broader public understand- ing of groundwater. Water Well Journal: Why do you be- lieve participation on this group could benefit all segments of the ground- water industry? Kevin McCray, CAE: I believe many of our members are employed by firms motivated to grow and be profitable. In- ternational markets can be an opportu- nity to deliver on those two motivations, but of course they don't come without some investment of time, expertise, and financial commitment. Only small percentages of each of our membership segments are realisti- cally interested and poised to sell out- side of the United States. The largest firms are already there but may be fight- ing market obstacles shared by others. However, they are fighting them indi- vidually, rather than through the collec- tive power of the entire Association. I hope to position NGWA to be able to better assist those who want the help. NGWA alone won't fix things, but with the collective power of this advisory committee, I believe we can make a difference. WWJ: How do you plan to gather insight from industry members? Kevin: I've already reached out to our membership through our newsletter, magazine, and by direct email. I'll stay in touch with those who express an interest in the work of the Association on their behalf. Kevin McCray, CAE WATER WELL JOURNAL Q&A (Left) NGWA CEO Kevin McCray, CAE, will represent the trade association segment of the nation's environmental technology sector. (Center) McCray (blue shirt) accompa- nies NGWA President Richard Thron, MGWC, in presenting Southwire with an NGWA 2014 Distinguished Partner Award. (Right) McCray (blue shirt) shakes hands with an exhibitor on the show floor at the 2014 NGWA ® Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting. A Welcome Opportunity NGWA's Kevin McCray, CAE, joins federal committee.

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