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April 2015

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T h e D e s t i n a t i o n C o m p a n y f o r P e r i m e t e r A c c e s s S o l u t i o n s T h D i i C f P i A S l i T CPSG Offers Customers the Most Extensive Line of Access Controls in the Industry Locations and Inventory from Coast to Coast Free 12 Hour Technical Support Line Controlled Products Proudly Distributes .ATIONAL 3ALES ,INE s National Technical Line 877-531-6123 hnical Support Li s #ELLULAR !CCESS s #ONVENTIONAL !CCESS s -ULTI 4ENANT !CCESS s 6O)0 !CCESS s 7IRELESS !CCESS Trigon -INI0AK 0RO SES #!4 SES SG3$-R AAS 0HONE!IRE BFT #ELL"OX+0 AAS !SCENT 8 LiftMaster I0!# Linear !%0LUS

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